In my previous post I made the argument for why fitness is the obvious starting point for your masculine Alpha 2.0 lifestyle, and how mastering your body will make all of the other areas we focus on easier.

In this post, I want to make that a reality for you. Too much of the information surrounding fitness is dogmatic. Written by ‘fitness people’ for ‘fitness people’.…

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10 Steps to a Fitter You

I just want to get rid of that tummy. What do I do?

A question that has been haunting people ever since movies started promoting lean men as the epitome of  'Sexiness'.

Famous New Year Resolutions around fitness- Lose weight, get rid of some tummy, Six Pack Abs, Size zero waistline, killer thighs, sexy bum, improve  athleticism, join kickboxing, martial arts, dance, etc, etc. Bottom line- Improve one’s Sex Appeal.

Now we may say things like I am doing this just…

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I believe there’s an Apha 2.0 lifestyle hierarchy, based on an updated version of Maslow’s hierarchy. Many of Maslow’s considerations such as shelter and basic sustenance are non-issues for a modern-day westerner. We’ve civilized ourselves beyond concern for merely staying alive. Now we’re in the position to focus on optimizing our lifestyle. The following is how I view the hierarchy of needs for optimization of this lifestyle.

A modern-day Alpha 2.0…

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Top 4 Recommended War Movies

Top 4 Recommended War Movies


War never changes, just technology. Throughout history every nation, ethnicity, tribe, and group has engaged in war in some point, and for some reason. To charge headlong into a hail of arrows, or machine gun fire takes either incredible selflessness and bravery, or complete stupidity depending on your point of view. Every war has it’s great enemies,…

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She wants a label for the relationship

It seems to be a recurring question I get when having the open relationship talk. I get asked something along the lines of: "But what will I tell my mom/family/friends/...? That we are together? That you are my boyfriend? I can't tell my mom I'm in an open relationship. What if a friend of mine see you with another girl?" I usually say she has to understand the relationship is not the business of other people and she has to focus on what she feels and the fact that she is happy, and doesn't…

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Married or Divorced Alpha 2.0

I am a bit older than the average person on here I believe. I am in my early fifties and try to live the 2.0 lifestyle a little. But being in a long term monogamous unhappy marriage I understand that what I can do at the moment is limited. However, I wanted to ask if anyone in this community has gone through a divorce and come out the other side with a successful Alpha 2.0 life. I know blackdragon did and I have learned a lot from him. But I wanted to ask for anyone's experiences and how it…

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POB replied to epi's discussion "How the daygame model will destroy you"
""I'm tired"
"Ok, if you wanna rest I can leave, no problem" ...

Try to have sex, she refuses

"We can watch a movie instead"
"Not in the mood, but thx. I better leave and let you be. Hope you feel better soon"

Than you politely leave, no contact a…"
1 hour ago
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Nate replied to Nate's discussion Profile Written, Now Just Photos
"Awesome, thank you! :)"
2 hours ago
Daddyscharm replied to Nate's discussion Profile Written, Now Just Photos
"I'll help. That way you get a woman's perspective :)"
3 hours ago
Nate posted a discussion
Hey guys, I have written my online profile and have several (5 or 6) photos selected for my profile. I was wondering if anyone here might be able to help me select which ones to use? All of them have been taken no more than one year ago.
3 hours ago
ForeverAlphaBlog replied to epi's discussion "How the daygame model will destroy you"
"Her behaviour screams provider/beta-hunter to me. If I'm correct, then you have to assume it's for the best, and that the relationship was never going to be very sexual in the long-term.
Personally, like Daddy's Charm suggested, I would have been a…"
4 hours ago
Shawn Schweier replied to Tom Lee's discussion CRITIC MY GAME! -VIRGIN- GIRL SPOTTED
"I think it's generally terrible. 
Chances are she's not a virgin. And your dates seem to have no plan or outcome at all. Living with the parents is no excuse for not leading the date in a way that brings you closer with the girl. 
All of this stuff…"
6 hours ago
Tyron Storm replied to Henry's discussion Married or Divorced Alpha 2.0
"Without bearing all on a previous and in no way pretty break up, years past, I have to say it is one of the most (cheesy cliche) transformative parts of my life. 
During the time of the divorce-like break up, I found I managed to be much more resili…"
8 hours ago
Daddyscharm replied to Guy's discussion She wants a label for the relationship
"Labels are very important to women for some reason. It sounds like you are handling her concerns as well as possible. I would offer that she can tell them anything she is comfortable with. I have friends who know I am in an open relationship, but th…"
9 hours ago
Daddyscharm replied to epi's discussion "How the daygame model will destroy you"
"At "date" 5, that's pretty unacceptable. IF those were legit reason, (which I'm betting they were not) she should have given you a heads up. "Hey, I am really looking forward to seeing you tonight but to be honest, I am just really tired, not sure i…"
9 hours ago
epi replied to epi's discussion "How the daygame model will destroy you"
"Maybe you could have asked her what was wrong, and say that you find her attractive but that's not the only reason you're there?  Is that too beta?  How would you treat a friend?"
9 hours ago
Henry replied to Henry's discussion Married or Divorced Alpha 2.0
"Thanks guys. This gives me a lot to think about. Lot of preparation."
10 hours ago
Perpetual replied to Perpetual's discussion FAQ and Suggestions
"Yes that's an issue. It is a global timezone for all of us and you cannot change that individually. I've searched for it a bit and it seems there isn't any workaround. I'll have this problem noted down and hopefully I'll find a solution for it."
14 hours ago
Attila replied to epi's discussion "How the daygame model will destroy you"
"I think the author of the article found someone with asperger's (or socially awkward at best), little/no goals in life.

The question about connection is an interesting one.

Certainly there is a mechanization of dating (online game for me), but I'…"
18 hours ago
Steel Janz replied to Perpetual's discussion FAQ and Suggestions
"Just realized all my times are pacific, looked in profiles to see if I could do my local time. Didn't see it there, am I missing it or is this something that can be added. 
Thank You"
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