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Welcome to the Alpha 2.0 Community!

Here you will gain free resources and communicate with other men regarding the Alpha Male 2.0 lifestyle, as described in the book The Unchained Man by Caleb Jones / Blackdragon.

This lifestyle consists of maximum freedom and happiness for the modern day man. It consists of two key pillars:

Financial Freedom – Making a net income of at least $75,000 per year (or much more if you want it) working 30 hours a week or less (sometimes much less), via multiple small businesses you own that generate location independent income, enabling you to live and travel anywhere in the world (if you wish) while paying the legal minimum in taxes and other expenses.

Sexual Freedom – Having the ability to have sex with women whenever you want, under any terms you want, without having to lie, without being bound down by the usual restrictions, drama, and overhead of monogamy, even if you are very serious with a girlfriend or wife.

If that kind of life sounds good to you, feel free to join the community by clicking here. It’s free to join, and there are hundreds of men here willing to help you on your journey. We have forums, a blog, members-only podcasts, the ability to set up your own groups and communities, and other content that is only available to members.

Enjoy, and welcome to a new world of freedom, masculinity, abundance, and happiness…


Rank 1 - Cute Doggie

Here is my situation

Hey guys Me: 37 year old man, 5' 8", 150 lbs   The good: PhD in a STEM field and I can do computer pogramming too. I've been working for an academic research institute (biology) in the US for a few years. I have interest in and a little knowledge of data science. I get a decent salary.   The bad: Living in a small college town on the verge of the flyover country. Insomnia, fatigue, mild depression, low T (have been on TRT for several months now), introverted. My passport is from a poor country.…

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Rank 2 - Vicious Wolf

Todd V (RSD)- Girlsfriend, Threesome and Open Relationships

Hey guys, this was posted in the wall of BD blog. I hope is not forbidden to post this here. Todd V (former RSD instructor now independent) has begun to talk about open relationships in his content. He released a detailed Relationships seminar on his YouTube channel. I did watch the video (actually I downloaded the audio and listened as a podcast) and found it quite interesting, the main differences with BD I found: He is not against monogamy, but he clearly chooses to be non-monogamous His…

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Rank 4 - Soaring Eagle

The Attraction Code

I found Vin Dicarlo's Book online years ago and read it in about 3 hours on my couch. (The Attraction Code)    I took this mindset from it. ( Focus as if I'm dominant and physically escalate)   I took that mindset and went to hang out with 2 girls that I knew(one I had fucked before and the other her friend)   Long story short, by solely having this mantra in my head  ( Focus as if I'm dominant and physically escalate)   I had my first threesome with them by the end of the night.   The very…

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Rank 1 - Cute Doggie

4 Simple Tips About Texting

This is somewhat a practical guide based on my personal experience (plus some good debates on the NextAsf forum). I hope you enjoy it and try it out. On the other hand, feel free to disagree if you don’t like it (in a nice manner, please):


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Rank 1 - Cute Doggie

Hi everybody! I have just uploaded the first in a series of Alpha 2.0 podcasts that will only be available here at the Alpha 2.0 Community. It's located over in the members-only private forum. Head on over there right now and get it; it's free to all members, and only available to members.

This is the first in a series of podcasts I will produce for you guys. I also strongly recommend that you members make your own Alpha 2.0 podcasts or videos (it's easy) and provide…

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Lil' Suge replied to Alex's discussion Here is my situation
"It sounds awful.What country is your passport from?I would move to England to get a foot in europe without being overwhelmed with the language to begin with.You seem like a hard worker, so you wont have a problem getting a job.I think you should get…"
48 minutes ago
PalmaSailor replied to Alex's discussion Here is my situation
"First things first
how much exercise do you get
how is your diet
are you drinking or taking drugs"
4 hours ago
PK replied to Alex's discussion Here is my situation
"I'd say look into Option 2 as a way to get enough experience to eventually move towards Option 3."
5 hours ago
MagoK replied to Alex's discussion Here is my situation
"Option 2 and 3 looks nice, Ill add Australia and NZ to the list. But for now, reading you gives me the impression that you feel alone and that you need to socialize more. Is there any possibility to start a social hobby? I personally recommend part…"
7 hours ago
MagoK replied to MagoK's discussion Todd V (RSD)- Girlsfriend, Threesome and Open Relationships
"I don't think so, what I did was downloading the 128kbits/sec M4A audio file with Jdownloader and listening later with my phone while doing stuff. I think there are web pages that converts youtube videos to audio but I found Jdownloader to be more r…"
8 hours ago
Lil' Suge replied to Lil' Suge's discussion Discord
" the thing people use instead of skype these days. "
21 hours ago
Zeke Johnson replied to Lil' Suge's discussion Discord
"What do you mean, discord?"
22 hours ago
replied to MagoK's discussion Todd V (RSD)- Girlsfriend, Threesome and Open Relationships
"Is it available in text form anywhere? There are slides but they're very uninformative."
Lionheart liked MagoK's discussion Todd V (RSD)- Girlsfriend, Threesome and Open Relationships
Traveling Westerner replied to Henry's discussion Married or Divorced Alpha 2.0
"I actually think the "poly" and "ethical slut" pablum is perfect for - women. A woman's consumption and digestion, to deal with non-monogamy in their own way, as long as I get what I want I care less if she puts in the work to be happy, no man can m…"
Lil' Suge replied to Lil' Suge's discussion Chypher's Log
"I got quite a few women lined up atm but i cant do anything about it because of my surgery. Still got to wait a week before i can take the bandage off, and after that i got to take things easy for about a month.I woke up today by some girl i havent…"
Lil' Suge replied to joelsuf's discussion Any legit resources on how to deal with overwhelm?
"It sounds to me like you want to learn everything so that you dont run into anything you dont already know how to handle in real life situations. If thats the case, there are solutions to it. Ive had this problem myself when i was into the Mystery M…"
Axel Coker replied to joelsuf's discussion Any legit resources on how to deal with overwhelm?
"1. This might help:
2. Addition by subtraction: limit your current goals/Projects to 1-2. For a good framework read:

How to Get Your Life Together by Will Freemen
The Unit of Man by R…"