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Welcome to the Alpha 2.0 Community!

Here you will gain free resources and communicate with other men regarding the Alpha Male 2.0 lifestyle, as described in the book The Unchained Man by Caleb Jones / Blackdragon.

This lifestyle consists of maximum freedom and happiness for the modern day man. It consists of two key pillars:

Financial Freedom – Making a net income of at least $75,000 per year (or much more if you want it) working 30 hours a week or less (sometimes much less), via multiple small businesses you own that generate location independent income, enabling you to live and travel anywhere in the world (if you wish) while paying the legal minimum in taxes and other expenses.

Sexual Freedom – Having the ability to have sex with women whenever you want, under any terms you want, without having to lie, without being bound down by the usual restrictions, drama, and overhead of monogamy, even if you are very serious with a girlfriend or wife.

If that kind of life sounds good to you, feel free to join the community by clicking here. It’s free to join, and there are hundreds of men here willing to help you on your journey. We have forums, a blog, members-only podcasts, the ability to set up your own groups and communities, and other content that is only available to members.

Enjoy, and welcome to a new world of freedom, masculinity, abundance, and happiness…


Rank 2 - Vicious Wolf

Doing favours for mLTRs

Hello gentlemen, some of you may have read my previous post on oneitis for my high-end mLTR, so you know, that I struggle with upholding the Alpha 2.0 principles in my relationship with her. I feel like its getting better but I do think there is still a large chance I will screw this up and not be able to maintain it long term. Doesnt matter, I take it as a learning experience. What I find myself struggling with the most lately is doing favours for her. I have found out I most enjoy the model…

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2 Replies · Reply by Roberto Nov 19
Rank 5 - Almighty Dragon

Anyone else feel this way?

I've had this nagging feeling like its too late for me to do Alpha 2 stuff. I was an incel omega through most of my 20s, battling depression, self hatred, suicidal thoughts and other stuff. Struggled to keep a piss poor retail job even though I went to college for 8 years. At 36 I'm staring down the barrel of $12 in my bank account and nearly 100k in student loan debt (most of it I took because I actually had a plan to kill myself on my 30th birthday, which obviously didn't happen). There's a…

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9 Replies · Reply by joelsuf Oct 26
Rank 3 - Tenacious Bear

Niching Your Alpha 2.0 Business for Maximum Profit

Here is the next installment on how to create and profit from your own location-independent Alpha 2.0 business. Your comments, emails, and input have been really helpful and I’m making lots of notes if I release another course in the future. Fast recap: Your Alpha 2.0 Business provides you a $75,000 per year or more location-independent income that frees you to live a life as you choose. The Alpha 2.0 business course (click here for it) goes on sale THIS FRIDAY for just ONE WEEK. Now here’s how…

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Rank 2 - Vicious Wolf

4 Simple Tips About Texting

This is somewhat a practical guide based on my personal experience (plus some good debates on the NextAsf forum). I hope you enjoy it and try it out. On the other hand, feel free to disagree if you don’t like it (in a nice manner, please):

1. Never reward bad behavior. This is…

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Rank 3 - Tenacious Bear

Hi everybody! I have just uploaded the first in a series of Alpha 2.0 podcasts that will only be available here at the Alpha 2.0 Community. It's located over in the members-only private forum. Head on over there right now and get it; it's free to all members, and only available to members.

This is the first in a series of podcasts I will produce for you guys. I also strongly recommend that you members make your own Alpha 2.0 podcasts or videos (it's easy) and provide…

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joelsuf replied to joelsuf's discussion Joelsuf's Location Independent Income Diary
"Month of November:
Freelancing = 513 Book sales = 17 Total = 530 Year to Date = 5722
What a month! I had plenty of work to do in freelancing, and clients are beginning to pay me much better rates. There isn't much of a shortage of work either, so if…"
Nov 30
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Nov 30
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Nov 27
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Nov 27
Stefanos is now a member of Alpha 2.0 Community
Nov 27
Kil Bee replied to Ghost's discussion Fitness
"Yes it is possible, but not without the right supplements. Check the list for a general overview about what could be needed an then to talk to a vegan doctor about it. He will help you constructing the right plan. I did the same two years ago and i…"
Nov 23
Kil Bee replied to Andrew's discussion What is your experience with nootropics?
"Stuff like Huperzine is totally fine as it just a harmless supplement. I find it to be pretty uneffective compared to something like Phenibut to be honest. For the future i hope more nootropics come to the market, especially stuff like https://newmi…"
Nov 23
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Nov 23
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Nov 20
Roberto replied to John's discussion Doing favours for mLTRs
"My take is that what you did was fine in the all the circumstances that you describe. She is, after all, more than an FB. If I were you, I'd just not worry about it, but you could keep an eye on things if you want to – if the number of such requests…"
Nov 19
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Nov 17
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Nov 17
Rocky replied to John's discussion Doing favours for mLTRs
"Would she have done it for you?  If so no big deal.  I think it is important that when you do do a favor for a woman that you do not act as if you are doing it because you have to.  It is normal to want to help people you care about.  Besides, she d…"
Nov 16
Henry replied to TrickyD's discussion Good Sites?
That is interesting. I am getting even fewer responses from the 20 to 25. I am much older than them mid fifties. But I am in good shape look good. Followed BD's manual to a T. And there never seems to be any response.
Could you please elabora…"
Nov 15