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Go online and have sex!

As a starter, I want you guys to remember the very first golden rule of online gaming:

“Every interaction with any woman must be done with the sole purpose of putting up a real date on your calendar!”

Got that? Ok, then we’re good to go.

If you pay attention, you will realize that when girls go online they play A LOT MORE than in real life!!!.

I mean, we all know women love attention! Although that’s 100% true, such concept has always amazed me on many levels because, well, apart from the male prima donnas we find here and there most guys think about a single thing when it comes to the opposite sex (hint: even betas know It’s not friendship).

That said, you must excuse me because we’ll get hypothetical here for a second… If you make a woman choose between one zero-attachment sex night with Chris Hemsworth vs a free whole lot of attention from her closest Best Male Friend ᵀᴹ over a year, believe me, it still would be a tough choice for most of them.

I’m positive they would care a big deal about sleeping with Chris! It’s a no-brainer: anyone sane and healthy has fantasies about fucking a hot A-list celeb. At the same time, most chicks would probably not give too much thought about the drooling bastard as a sexual partner. But there’s a strong caveat here: even if they chose to fuck Chris, they would still crave the missed opportunity of free attention. (SIDE NOTE: if you’re a woman reading these lines please be honest with yourself before you start getting angry or begin to bash me, ok?…deep down there you know that what I’ve just said is true).

Now let’s flip the script and switch genders. Ask any man if he wants a one-night-stand fuck fest with Kate Upton or free attention from his closest Sweet-Female-Next-Door ᵀᴹ friend. It’s not hard to figure out what my peers would answer here (if for any reason you don’t like Kate, name any other hot celeb so we can move on, alright?).

This is why betas and women are a match made in heaven! While one side is willingly giving away all his time and “emotions” for free, the other is anxiously soaking up all that crap and doing it as it pleases. However, it all becomes a huge problem when we search for online dates.

Going virtual allows girls to fool around to the point where they seem to enjoy it more than anything else (even when it’s not fun to them anymore)…so much it becomes perfectly clear they are wasting our time on purpose – or should I say they’re wasting our time without any purpose.

As contradictory as it seems, some of them are actually spending their time doing something that it’s not cool or productive – but it is a core necessity to their well-being!!! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you could check the definition of attention whoring here (for the record, I don’t like the term but it’s already common ground so for now we’ll have to put up with that). As I said, it’s not funny or enjoyable and it’s not accomplishing anything – but they do it anyway.

On most cases, they’ll play with your head without any tangible reason even if they’re genuinely interested in meeting you.

This is when most guys get lost, mistaken and start to scratch their heads in doubt…or become angry, explosive and frustrated. In fact, when a woman reaches that point of pure attention whoring she’ll will have no clue about what she’s really doing or what’s going on when she opens the app on her phone. Like a dope fiend, she just wants her daily fix of free virtual attention!

My guess (and it’s only a guess) is that it is just a kind of an automatic self-preservation/self-pleasure mechanism. That’s right, a mechanism which is often triggered because when they go online they have to (in no particular order):

– deal with hordes of betas kissing their “golden” asses and boring them to death, even if they look at themselves in the mirror and see a sheer copy of the purple dinosaur from Barney & Friends (which is quite impossible to happen outside the virtual world);

– try to fulfill their strong Disney fantasies about finding The Prince Charming ᵀᴹ and;

– try to avoid the good-looking over-masculine Alphas who will sweep them from their feet when they’re getting a string of orgasms at his place (ok, the latter is not entirely true…we do know they love Alphas but are excited/terrified of being used just for sex…anyway, you guys got the point).

Besides that, some of them have really low self-esteem or a self-deprecating image – it doesn’t matter if they’re gorgeous – so craving attention online (but never meeting anyone) is a safe way to minimize the symptoms of this imaginary disease.

That’s why you’ll succeed if you have some game on your arsenal: to counteract all this crap and show them some real masculine value!

By texting her the right way, you’ll avoid her attention seeking and will be able to smoothly get her in front of you for a date. You’ll show the world (and yourself) how strongly you understand the way things work and how you can take the most out of your schedule to optimize things and have a really good time!

Personally I see no harm in doing very little online play. I must confess that I do love trying to guess what’s going on inside the head of the online-newly-found hottie. However, that desire quickly vanishes and is replaced by the objective stated in the first paragraph: picking a real date!

I think we should be honest with ourselves here: I really don’t want to have a relationship with the platonic image my mind will conjure of any particular girl. I want her flesh and bones in front of me and after that I want us both having a good time at my/her place (with lots of sex involved, of course). I guess you guys feel the same…in this case we could say: as simple as that!!!

So that is what you should do next time you hit Tinder, POF, Okcupid, whatever…Play a little? Yep! Banter a little? Why not? Then after 3 or 4 exchanges pitch a date!!!

Pretend there’s a bomb whose clock is ticking and there’s no Jack Bauer around to save everybody’s asses: the only way to disarm it is by dating that woman. Seriously, ask her out! ASK! HER! OUT! NOW!!! (and please be Alpha…no “Hey, do you wanna have dinner?” shit ok? We’re all well above it).

Your time is very precious! Don’t waste it with BS!!!

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How to Seduce Women with Honesty

When a man decides to learn how to attract women, there's a lot of contradicting advice that he can follow. What normally happens is that he starts reading all the material that he can find, and is so overwhelmed by it that he doesn't actually do anything. Not the most effective way to learn.

Let's examine the options:

  • First, there's the “blue pill” advice: things like “just be yourself” or “you have to tell her what you feel”. This advice is normally given by women (who don't really know what they are attracted to), betas (who probably have not been with a girl in ages, if ever), or by naturals (who don't see the necessity to learn about seduction). If you are an average guy who has not gotten very good results with women, this type of advice won't do much for you.
  • Then we have the classic PUA/Red Pill stuff. Things like “negging,” NLP or routines were extremely popular when I was starting in this field, 7 years ago. And although they can be really helpful in the short term, I think most of us can agree that running around your whole life hypnotizing girls or telling them fake stories about yourself is not our idea of fun.

Oddly enough, lately the seduction community in Europe (where I am from) is taking a massive shift towards what's called “natural game.” A lot of the companies here try to sell the idea that they can teach you how to attract women by being honest, and nothing more. But, does this type of advice really work? What do they really mean when they tell you to be honest?

Why being honest can make you more attractive

“Being honest” probably reminds you of all the “just be yourself” bullshit: say whatever you think/feel, and the girl of your dreams will be swept off her feet. But as we all know, this is not usually the case.

Just “being yourself”, as anyone with some experience in women can tell you, is the perfect blueprint to make you lonely and frustrated, wondering what's wrong with you and why nobody likes you. When I was 16 years old and trying to follow this type of advice, it wasn't long until I discovered how ineffective it really is.

What do I mean by honesty, then? In his book “Models”, Mark Manson says that we should be honest in three main areas:

  • In our lifestyle
  • In our acts
  • In our communication

If we're able to do that, not only will our relationships with women will be vastly improved, but we'll also be much closer to the best version of ourselves.

Let's examine each of these areas.

Honesty in our lifestyle

What's the main problem of the “just be yourself” advice? That most of us don't really know what that means.

We are full of society's bullshit about how our life should be. Disney programming, false beliefs about career and relationships... The vast majority of people end up living a life they don't want to live, normally following the “go to university, get a job, get married and have kids, and enjoy your life when you're retired.” And while this lifestyle might work for some people, it is not what will make the majority of us happy.

So if you work a job you hate, spend your free time watching TV, and you are not doing anything to improve this situation... Why would any gal want to join your life?

No woman is going to approach you and say, “Hey, your life's shit, but let's start a relationship so I make it look better.” While a lot of Betas think love (or one – night stands) will save them, girls don't want to be your reason for living: they want to be with a man who has a Mission.

So, in order to become attractive to others, you first have to become attractive to yourself. No amount of game will help you if you live a life you hate.

If you have no idea what to begin with, I would recommend focusing on your diet/fitness, as this is a field that depends completely on your and will build your confidence very quickly. When I lost 30 pounds and started exercising, a lot of my old beliefs and bad habits changed too.

But no matter how you want to begin, the important thing is that you ask yourself what kind of life you really want to live. If you have no idea how to discover what you truly want, you can start with the following questions:

  • What would I do if I was the last person on Earth, and nobody would judge me?
  • What would I do if I knew I was going to succeed in everything that I tried?
  • What would a “perfect day” look like for me?

Honesty in our acts

Once you have started working on your own life, you will notice a boost in your relationships with women. If you have travelled the world, can speak foreign languages, are physically fit, have lived a thousand adventures and work in a job you're passionate about... The girls in your life will trip over themselves to be with you.

 But there may be a problem here: how many girls do you interact with in a daily basis? Normally your social circle will not be big enough to supply you with a constant stream of beautiful women. And as being successful with girls is a numbers game, you will have to look for a way to bring new gals into your life.

Although many people in the PUA community go out on the street specifically to interact with women, and even if this can be very effective when done right, there is an even better way to do this: approach every girl that attracts you.

Next time you are on the subway or doing your groceries, and you see an attractive lady who you'd like to meet, observe your thoughts. Things like “I don't have enough time” or “She'll probably have a boyfriend” will come to your mind. But do you know what those are? Exactly: excuses.

Reality is, one of the hardest parts of improving our relationships with women is facing our fears and do what we have to do anyway. So by all means, if you see a girl that you want to talk to, go for it. And remember that you're not trying to sweep her off her feet yet; you just want to show to yourself that you can actually do it. So something as simple as “Excuse me, I just saw you over there and wanted to say hi” will do the work. Cheesy? Sure. But it also requires a lot of courage, and just by doing it you will feel more confident.

One idea that the experts in daygame promote is that you have to approach the first cute girl you see every day, until it becomes a habit and you can do it without thinking. Again, you're not doing this to impress the girls or get laid (although this can happen even if just by sheer numbers), but to strive towards the man that you want to be.

Honesty in our communication

You may have heard about how girls are attracted to assholes instead of nice guys. But why is it this way?

Nice Guys, as defined in the book “No More Mr. Nice Guy” (which I encourage you to read) have a lot of problems, but in my opinion the main one is that they never tell you what they really want. I'll explain myself.

We tend to think that nice guys/betas do a lot of things for the woman they like: they buy her flowers, take her on dates, shower her for compliments... But do they really do it for her? The answer is no: they do this type of things to “manipulate” her so she gives them sex or affection in return. Talk about outcome dependency.

So in my opinion, the main difference between Betas and assholes/Alphas/PUAs is that the people in the second group care more about their own desires, and therefore act in a selfish way. This, in itself, triggers an insane amount of attraction in the women you interact with.

And this honesty with our own desires is one of the things that I believe make “direct game” so powerful: by stating what you want and not giving a fuck what other people think about you, you are effectively acting with outcome independency. So if you've always told others what they wanted to hear instead of what you really think, you can start practicing putting yourself first with the following ideas:

  • Learn how to communicate with assertiveness. This is a style of communication that allows you to state your desires and opinions without having to crush those of the rest of the people. If Betas are “passive” and Alphas 1.0 are “aggressive” (the two other styles of communication), assertiveness will help you the most in your way to the Alpha 2.0 lifestyle.
  • If you are very afraid of telling a girl what you really want, rehearse in your mind the “worst case scenario.” Picture yourself stating what you want and getting rejected/shamed by everybody else. Make it as vivid as possible. This way, when you actually do it, any outcome will look good in comparison.
  • In your dates, start worrying more about entertaining yourself than about entertaining the girl you're with. Do you hate bars? Take her on a date to the park, or play board games with her instead. Are you bored with the conversation topic? Talk about things that make you passionate, tell a funny story, ask her what you really want to know... Again, this is not meant to seduce any particular girl, but rather to create the habit of pleasing yourself first. Subtleties will come later.

So now I want to hear your opinion about this. How do you think honesty can help you in your relationships with the women you like?

See you soon,



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