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4 Simple Tips About Texting

This is somewhat a practical guide based on my personal experience (plus some good debates on the NextAsf forum). I hope you enjoy it and try it out. On the other hand, feel free to disagree if you don’t like it (in a nice manner, please):

1. Never reward bad behavior. This is rule #1 when texting! If she flakes, NEVER answer her texts in an apologetic or condescending way. It does not matter if the reason seems legit. Don’t patronize her! Instead be neutral and show her it’s not that important to you.


A) Her: “I cannot meet you today. My back hurts a lot!”

You: “That’s bad. Get better soon!”

B) Her: “My mom asked me to help her shopping, sorry”

You: “Sounds good, have fun”

C) Her “Damn, can’t meet ya, will have to work late”

You “Ok…gotta go training now, good luck”

If she texts you fluffy BS after your neutral answer, you should neverever start a conversation right away. Reschedule it if she hints interest or ignore it and re-engage later.

Of course girls think this stuff is not that black and white (especially the young ones) as they are very different from us, men. Even so, you’d better not reward something annoying with more attention. Remember: legit or not, flaking is bad behavior (not a big deal, but still bad).

2. Never text a lot without a strong indication that a meeting will occur…if you ask her out twice and have nothing to show for, it’s probably a great time to withdraw and move on:

When you’re comforting her before a first date, it’s ok to text a little extra. BUT if you hint a meeting and she stalls it, don’t try to “fix” anything. It’s probably not your fault anyway (but it will be if you keep pushing it!!!).

Solution A: Go a little overboard. Example:

Her: “I don’t know if I can meet you today babe (flaking for the second time)”

You: “I’d love to text you more but unfortunately I’m too busy and haven’t had much free time these days.

You: “I can meet you at XX or XX day on YY time for a drink. We’ll talk, have some laughs and see how things go.”

You: “Hit me if you like the idea.”

1) drop that text or something along these lines (by the way, at that stage your chances are kinda low);

2) go sarge three new women and forget about her (you’re obsessing over a fantasy and it’s not good for your health. Fucking is good for your health);

Solution B: Stop answering her for a while. Re-engage in a nonchalant way, create some comfort and try one last time.

“Can’t go to the bar today”

“Ok” (radio silence for two weeks, don’t answer her texts, re-engage with something like “Hey, thought about you today”)

Solution C: Never ask her out! Tease her ad infinitum until she hints for a meeting. Then you set up logistics – on the spot – and go for the kill (some PUs are masters at this!)

The drawback of C is it may take A LOT of time (especially if you’re not really good at teasing) and the meeting might never occur. I employ it sometimes but it’s not usually my go-to method (more on that below).

As we can see, we may split the “texting for a meeting” into two opposite categories:


You just text a bit to create enough comfort and interest and then ask her out in a direct manner, setting up good logistics in the process.


  • Very simple, can be used with effective success rates even by beginners
  • Very direct, if she’s stalling or just wasting your time you’ll flush her out really fast
  • You can fit meetings into a busy schedule
  • You can set up a great number of meetings in the same place or calendar slot, saving you a lot of time
  • Can be easily replicable


  • Really tight, does not leave room for improvisation
  • Can get you bored after a while
  • Not exactly suitable for Thrill of the Hunt guys
  • Can be a slow process between the first contact/match and the meeting
  • Vulnerable to flakes
  • She can change her mind due to a lot of factors like cold feet, second guessing herself, a bad day or some last minute event
  • Kind of automatic, plus in my opinion planning dates is not a fun way to do pick up


As I said before, the point here is to tease her enough till her “armor” cracks and she leaves an opening for a meeting. By using this method, you’ll never ask her out directly.


  • Can be really fast to pull a girl out of nowhere
  • Good for late in the evening and weekends
  • Free flow and challenging
  • Will test your skills and make you improve
  • You can put your personal signature in the whole process
  • Very intelligent type of seduction
  • Flaking never occurs because you’re just not asking her out


  • Not that simple, a lot can go wrong from your side in the process
  • You need at least intermediate conversational and woman skills
  • Not schedule friendly
  • Short window of opportunity – if you miss her sexual cues she’s probably gone
  • May depend on availability, you can go a long time without a new date if your pool isn’t large enough or your skills aren’t good enough

So that’s it! Whichever route you choose, remember those simple rules and have fun!

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you need to text the same woman over and over again it means that you’re not busy enough and probably not hitting enough numbers…go sarge more AND focus more on your Mission and current goals.

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Rank 4 - Soaring Eagle

Hi everybody! I have just uploaded the first in a series of Alpha 2.0 podcasts that will only be available here at the Alpha 2.0 Community. It's located over in the members-only private forum. Head on over there right now and get it; it's free to all members, and only available to members.

This is the first in a series of podcasts I will produce for you guys. I also strongly recommend that you members make your own Alpha 2.0 podcasts or videos (it's easy) and provide access to them over at the members-only private forum so we can all learn from your expertise.

More to come! If you're already a member, here's a direct link to the podcast post in the private forum:

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Go online and have sex!

As a starter, I want you guys to remember the very first golden rule of online gaming:

“Every interaction with any woman must be done with the sole purpose of putting up a real date on your calendar!”

Got that? Ok, then we’re good to go.

If you pay attention, you will realize that when girls go online they play A LOT MORE than in real life!!!.

I mean, we all know women love attention! Although that’s 100% true, such concept has always amazed me on many levels because, well, apart from the male prima donnas we find here and there most guys think about a single thing when it comes to the opposite sex (hint: even betas know It’s not friendship).

That said, you must excuse me because we’ll get hypothetical here for a second… If you make a woman choose between one zero-attachment sex night with Chris Hemsworth vs a free whole lot of attention from her closest Best Male Friend ᵀᴹ over a year, believe me, it still would be a tough choice for most of them.

I’m positive they would care a big deal about sleeping with Chris! It’s a no-brainer: anyone sane and healthy has fantasies about fucking a hot A-list celeb. At the same time, most chicks would probably not give too much thought about the drooling bastard as a sexual partner. But there’s a strong caveat here: even if they chose to fuck Chris, they would still crave the missed opportunity of free attention. (SIDE NOTE: if you’re a woman reading these lines please be honest with yourself before you start getting angry or begin to bash me, ok?…deep down there you know that what I’ve just said is true).

Now let’s flip the script and switch genders. Ask any man if he wants a one-night-stand fuck fest with Kate Upton or free attention from his closest Sweet-Female-Next-Door ᵀᴹ friend. It’s not hard to figure out what my peers would answer here (if for any reason you don’t like Kate, name any other hot celeb so we can move on, alright?).

This is why betas and women are a match made in heaven! While one side is willingly giving away all his time and “emotions” for free, the other is anxiously soaking up all that crap and doing it as it pleases. However, it all becomes a huge problem when we search for online dates.

Going virtual allows girls to fool around to the point where they seem to enjoy it more than anything else (even when it’s not fun to them anymore)…so much it becomes perfectly clear they are wasting our time on purpose – or should I say they’re wasting our time without any purpose.

As contradictory as it seems, some of them are actually spending their time doing something that it’s not cool or productive – but it is a core necessity to their well-being!!! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you could check the definition of attention whoring here (for the record, I don’t like the term but it’s already common ground so for now we’ll have to put up with that). As I said, it’s not funny or enjoyable and it’s not accomplishing anything – but they do it anyway.

On most cases, they’ll play with your head without any tangible reason even if they’re genuinely interested in meeting you.

This is when most guys get lost, mistaken and start to scratch their heads in doubt…or become angry, explosive and frustrated. In fact, when a woman reaches that point of pure attention whoring she’ll will have no clue about what she’s really doing or what’s going on when she opens the app on her phone. Like a dope fiend, she just wants her daily fix of free virtual attention!

My guess (and it’s only a guess) is that it is just a kind of an automatic self-preservation/self-pleasure mechanism. That’s right, a mechanism which is often triggered because when they go online they have to (in no particular order):

– deal with hordes of betas kissing their “golden” asses and boring them to death, even if they look at themselves in the mirror and see a sheer copy of the purple dinosaur from Barney & Friends (which is quite impossible to happen outside the virtual world);

– try to fulfill their strong Disney fantasies about finding The Prince Charming ᵀᴹ and;

– try to avoid the good-looking over-masculine Alphas who will sweep them from their feet when they’re getting a string of orgasms at his place (ok, the latter is not entirely true…we do know they love Alphas but are excited/terrified of being used just for sex…anyway, you guys got the point).

Besides that, some of them have really low self-esteem or a self-deprecating image – it doesn’t matter if they’re gorgeous – so craving attention online (but never meeting anyone) is a safe way to minimize the symptoms of this imaginary disease.

That’s why you’ll succeed if you have some game on your arsenal: to counteract all this crap and show them some real masculine value!

By texting her the right way, you’ll avoid her attention seeking and will be able to smoothly get her in front of you for a date. You’ll show the world (and yourself) how strongly you understand the way things work and how you can take the most out of your schedule to optimize things and have a really good time!

Personally I see no harm in doing very little online play. I must confess that I do love trying to guess what’s going on inside the head of the online-newly-found hottie. However, that desire quickly vanishes and is replaced by the objective stated in the first paragraph: picking a real date!

I think we should be honest with ourselves here: I really don’t want to have a relationship with the platonic image my mind will conjure of any particular girl. I want her flesh and bones in front of me and after that I want us both having a good time at my/her place (with lots of sex involved, of course). I guess you guys feel the same…in this case we could say: as simple as that!!!

So that is what you should do next time you hit Tinder, POF, Okcupid, whatever…Play a little? Yep! Banter a little? Why not? Then after 3 or 4 exchanges pitch a date!!!

Pretend there’s a bomb whose clock is ticking and there’s no Jack Bauer around to save everybody’s asses: the only way to disarm it is by dating that woman. Seriously, ask her out! ASK! HER! OUT! NOW!!! (and please be Alpha…no “Hey, do you wanna have dinner?” shit ok? We’re all well above it).

Your time is very precious! Don’t waste it with BS!!!

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We all have heard about the power of the exponential function. Multiplying by the same number over and over makes it grow ever faster. It’s always hard to fathom, though, how fast exponential growth gets even faster. That's what you want to hear about your money. Let me show you with an example:

Alex and John are twin brothers. Having the same frugal, hard-working parents, they knew the importance of saving from an early age. They keep in mind that financial independence is one of the pillars of the Alpha male lifestyle.

Both of them knew there would come a time when they might want to work less hard. The brothers strived to have a nice stash of money by then. They even decided, as teenagers to make it a competition, with the winner decided by the time they are 60. They have gone very different ways about it.

Alex started saving at age 20. Just $240 a month, as much as his entry-level job allowed him. It wasn't much, but he had read a lot about financial independence. Alex knew the trick is letting your money work for you. And money needs time. For 20 years, Alex put a humble $240 aside every month. Investments yield an average 5% real return (not much, because Corporatism is clearly taking its toll on Western economies). That means every $1 becomes $1.05 one year later (and $1.1025 one more year later, and then $1.1576…). Now that the brothers are 40, Alex is having so much fun being self-employed that he can easily see himself working for many decades, so much so that he decides to stop saving and let his money do the work. 

By this time John has led his life quite differently. He has found Blackdragon's blogs only now and has just realized his mistakes. He went to college. He got married. He got divorced. The degree, his ex's squandering, the alimony... All that together didn't allow him to really think of the future. Having a well-paid corporate job used to sound alpha enough to him. Like his brother, he’s 40 now, so he's got only 20 years left until his deadline and has a stash of absolutely ZERO dollars. No problem, he says to himself. Having been an Alpha 1.0, he knows something about digging his way out of uncomfortable situations. John puts his head down and painstakingly cuts spending (it helps that he finished paying off that damn college loan) until he can save $600 a month. More than double his brother's saving rate. That should make up for the lost time, right?

Fast forward 20 years. It is the twins’ 60th birthday party. No sooner have they blown the candles than they whip out their smartphones and check their broker’s account statements.

By the time Alex was 40 years old, he had saved $57,600 ($240 times 12 times 20), but his stash had already grown to a respectable $97,000 thanks to the returns he got along that time. In the following 20 years, with the only growth coming from his investment returns, his stash has grown to $258,000. Alex has had his money multiply by more than four! Now he has a nice cushion.

John has worked hard to offset his late start. His saving rate has been more than double his brother’s. Both dedicated the same time to saving: 20 years of their lives so he is confident he is better placed to face the future. 20 years ago John had nothing, but in the meantime he has put aside a total of $144,000, and now, thanks to the returns every dollar saved has yielded along the way, his savings balance comes up to... $243,000

When John sees his brother's won, the cake turns to ashes in his mouth. John is flabbergasted. He has worked so much to save more. With a thousand-yard stare, as he receives his brother Alex's congratulations for almost equaling him, John recalls all the times he sacrificed something to keep his immaculate record of saving $600 a month. Every day for the last 20 years he has deprived himself of something: vacations, higher car trim levels, nice groceries, quality time... The inferior tiles for the courtyard that look like crap. The carpool trip with that man who smelled awful. The budget gym where he often has to take turns at the machines. John has endured all that.

John has saved eighty-six THOUSAND dollars more than his brother. Yet Alex has come out ahead of him. By adding a lot every month, John had hoped to beat the multiplication taking place in his brother’s account, to no avail. He hasn't allowed his money enough time to appreciably work for him. A lot more effort for less results.

You don’t make a fortune by adding. You build your stash by multiplying. 5% more every year is x1.05. It’s not much in the short-term, but grows exponentially allowing for a more lavish lifestyle in the future. So if you like to spend, save earlier, save now! And if you already do, save more.

Beware! Life goes by fast when we lose sight of our long-term interests. It’s never too early to start being a John.

But then, it’s never too late to start being an Alex.

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If another man (or woman) tells you where to be 40+ hours per week, what you can say and do, when you can eat or go to the toilet; and takes most of the money you generate for the business away from you for the courtesy of doing so…

What kind of life is that?

Well, that is the reality of having a job. When put like that, it doesn’t sound too different to slavery does it?

In my previous post; I wrote that fitness is the best platform to build your Alpha 2.0 lifestyle from. It teaches the skills, personality traits, and habits you need to succeed in any endeavour.

Fitness was my start in life, but my biggest success to date was apply these skills to business, ultimately achieving financial freedom and location freedom. I want to highlight some of the key traits that will allow you to do this.

As someone who values freedom above almost anything else, owning your income stream, and choosing where you want to live is liberating. Nothing else will add to your baseline happiness like not having to go to the office and push papers for the man.

I know BD values clear definitions so we’re all on the same page when reading. So with that in mind;

When I say financial freedom I mean owning your own income stream, not having a job or a boss, and choosing what you do for work.

That might mean you have $X in the bank that allows you to never work again, or you receive $X per month in dividends/passive income that you can live off… but it doesn’t have to.

Personally I would consider that time freedom because you don’t have to work. I think financial freedom is owning the means of being paid. It’s an interim step to total time freedom. You’re still working, but you work for yourself and keep 100% of the profit you generate (aside from taxes).

That should be the goal. To be in control of your income. Never to fear being fired for saying the wrong thing in the office, or being outsourced to a robot.

Even if you have a good job, one that you enjoy, and pays well – you might not have the desire to go out on your own – but you would still be served to have a contingency in place.

For the more adventurous, if you want to settle abroad, or even just work from home with the kids/dog; you need something you can do remotely.

While having a brand and selling your own information products is possibly the most leveraged and impactful business, it is damn hard work. It will take many years to build up to replacing your income.

Do you want to spend years slogging away creating content, with no financial return? I wouldn’t.

So, what can we do instead?

The quickest way to make money online is doing freelance work.

Now, it has its downsides. Namely that it doesn’t easily scale, and you’re swapping your time for money. However, I wouldn’t worry about that right now, and I’ll explain why in a minute.

The biggest benefits of a freelance business are:

  1. You will make money from day 1, with zero upfront investment
  2. You will always be profitable

This is important because the first sale you ever make online is huge. It totally changes the way you think about business.

Sure, you are aware that people make a living with the internet, but only when you make the first sale for yourself do you really have the solid belief that you can do it.

It’s like sex, once you’ve lost your virginity, every subsequent time is nowhere near as big of a deal as the first time was.

With basically no start up investment, and a very short set up time, you can quickly start making money, which builds momentum.

Momentum brings inspiration, which increases desire, and spirals into a positive loop of action taking and results.

That is why I would recommend everyone start an online freelance business as your first step into making money for yourself, remotely.


What if I don’t know what freelance business to do?

Look at the skills and experience you already have. Everyone has some relevant experience they could sell as a freelancer. Often, we just don’t recognise the value we are sitting on.

As an example, every single person under the age of 30 could run social media accounts, or do other internet/computer tasks that a lot of business owners in their 50’s and older won’t know how to do.

Posting on Instagram is just what kids do all day… but the 63-year-old owner of the pizzeria would happily pay someone to generate business by posting beautiful looking photos of piping hot pizzas on social media… and of course he has no idea how this stuff works to do it himself.

I’ve put together a list of the different areas you can start a freelance business, using skills you already possess. These all have clients actively seeking out freelancers, ready to pay your first commission for a gig this week.


What if I want a business that scales beyond my time?

I’m not saying you should freelance for ever. You should start there. To earn your chops and figure out how this internet game works.

You can start working on more scalable businesses on the side if you wish, such as e-commerce, drop shipping, or info product businesses.

Alternatively, become successful as a freelancer, and then create an agency. Have someone else use your system to do the leg work, while you focus on new business generation and turn your one man and a laptop business into something bigger.

You should want to scale beyond selling your time eventually, but you need to learn the skills required to get there. Better to do it while being paid for the work you’re doing in the meantime than to struggle financially for years while you figure things out.


What if I want passive income?

Like the above, start with a freelance business, then expand into something else.

You could create the agency and outsource the day to day eventually. You could work on your own projects on the side such as books, courses, etc. and when they start selling on autopilot, you can wind down the freelance business.

You could just take all the money you make freelancing and invest it into a rental property, stocks, etc. while keeping your current job to pay the bills. You don’t get to earn passive income without doing some hard work in the beginning.


What if I want to create my own brand and products to make an impact in the world?

That’s great, you should just do it with your eyes wide open.

We know that 70% of marriages are going to end in divorce, but we all think ours would be different. Despite that, we hopefully have enough sense to not get legally married.

Well 90% of businesses fail. Of course, we all think ours will be different. It would still be sensible to build your brand on the side to begin with until it is proven to generate income. Then you can go all in, if that is what you really want to do.

Keep your job if it pays well and you don’t hate it. If you don’t have much going now, or can’t hack the corporate environment for much longer, then start a freelance business that will be profitable from day 1. Build your brand on the side and get proof of concept before you go all in.

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Sex Positions (and what they may say about you)

Sex Positions (and what they may say about you). 

What’s your favorite sexual position? 

Is it Doggy Style, Missionary, Spooning, etc.

While your favorite sexual position may give you your best orgasm, on a subconscious level it may reveal something more deeper about your personality. 

That’s right. Understanding your sexual personality can introduce you to a side of yourself you were once unaware of. Additionally, performing at least 3 out of 5 (per session)   of the following sexual positions, you’ll increase your odds by 50% of having a better sexual experience, thus making you a better, more satisfying lover.

And, as BD already covered, sex is more important than you think.

While there are many positions, for the sake of brevity, I’ll cover the common 5. So let’s get to it...

1. Missionary aka Mr. Romantic

 Sex 101.. this is what we’ve been taught as the standard, moral way to have sex (SP).

It’s the acceptable social norm that we see in all the romantic movies and TV shows (more SP).

The face to face, eye to eye, mouth to mouth contact and interaction does make for intimate talking and kissing. 

If this is your favorite sexual position then you are indeed Mr. Romantic.

What is says about you: 

You’re “Mr. Nice Guy,” all “Touchy & Feely.” 

You need to feel an emotional connection with the woman you’re with. Maybe, you’re in love or longing to be in love, regardless it’s still the most romantic sexual position and voted as the number one position that most women love.

2. Doggy Style aka Mr. Dominant

To quote the rapper, Snoop Dogg, “You don’t love me, you just love my Doggy Style.”

Doggy Style is a man’s best friend and puts you in the position of complete control.

It allows you to re-connect with the animalistic nature we all have and brings out the beast in you, making you feel like the Top Dog that you are. 

Surprisingly enough, many women love this position too because deep down every woman desires a man that can dominate them sexually.

What is says about you: 

You’re the polar opposite of Mr. Nice Guy, you’re The Bad Boy.

Instead of needing to feel an emotional connection, all you need to feel is your cock going deeper and deeper in her from behind. 

And speaking of behind, you find it to be the best view in the world. You live by the motto, “Face Down, Ass Up, that’s the way we like to Fuck.”

3. Cow Girl aka Mr. Submissive

The power has shifted. She’s on top and you’re on the bottom. This is what the old timers call “Turning your world upside down” of course in reference to the missionary position. 

What’s wrong with it, nothing…unless of course, it’s your favorite position. 

What is says about you: 

You’re likely a Mama’s Boy.

Subconsciously, you’re comfortable with being controlled by women. Hey, it’s all good. To each, it’s own. Relax, lay back, do as you’re told and let her run the show and control the outcome.

4. Spooning aka Mr. Player 

For all the real Players out there, the spooning technique has always been a guaranteed success path to the sexual seduction of any and all females. 

In fact, it’s the smoothest move a guy can pull on any girl, especially in the morning. Spooning is one of the most effective techniques to relax and get a girl in the mood for sex. From this position, you can massage her shoulders, while whispering sweet nothings in her ear. 

You can easily play in her hair, nibble on her ear, kiss the nape of her neck, send goosebumps up and down her spine, reach around and play with her breasts, stimulate her clitoris…the possibilities are endless.

Scientific research even confirms that while holding her body close to yours, in other words cuddling, releases oxytocin from her brain making her feel even more connected to you than ever before. And, where’ there’s connection, there’s affection.

What is says about you: 

You’re charming and smooth and like Mr. Romantic, you understand that all women want that feeling of love, intimacy, and connection.

This sexual position was the second highest (behind missionary) ranked by women as their all-time favorite.

5. Standing aka Mr. Adventurer

Unlike, Mr. Romantic or Mr. Player, you prefer to connect more with the sexual experience itself vs connecting with the person you’re having sex with. 

Having sex the traditional way, in a bed, is not your thing. In fact, you find it downright boring as hell. 

You like variety, even risky sex. You like trying out different rooms, furniture, and spaces, like counter tops, showers, and balconies.

What is says about you: 

You are an independent spirit and crave variety and versatility.

Sex isn’t just sex with you, it’s an adventure.

Ok, there you have it. Which one is your favorite? 

Are you a sexual hybrid, have your favorite sexual position changed from your teens to adulthood. 

There’s no right or wrong, good or bad, sometimes things in life just are. 

Live your life and experience as much sexual freedom and happiness as you possibly can.


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Are You Chasing A Dead End??

The other day I say a guy lifting heavy weights in the gym. His form was terrible. His back was bent, his shoulders were rounded forward and he had a funny posture.

I had both my shoulder ligaments injured in the past, due to horrible workout form. I am facing the consequences of it even to this day. So, I have this strange urge to go correct anyone who is working out with incorrect technique. They remind me of my pain and the consequences I faced.

However, not everyone appreciates you going and telling them how to lift or correct their form. Even more if that person is an advanced lifter or has substantial amount of muscle on their body :P

Not to mention, sometimes you will also feel intimidated or reluctant to go correct them and rather just mind your own business.

But like I said, they remind me of my pain. And I don't like to control my urges. ;)

So I make up my mind to go tell the dude that his technique is flawed. But I use an indirect approach this time. I walk up to him, wait for him to finish, and then I ask:-

“Hey bro, I just wanted to work on my technique with this particular lift. Are you sure we should be bending our back like that while doing this lift?? "

“No man, you should keep your back straight. Wait I'll show you”

He then goes ahead and picks up a lighter weight and does it with perfect form. Quite surprised, I ask him if he was deliberately bending it earlier, while lifting those heavy weights.

He smiles sheepishly and states that he was not being able to maintain good form because of the weights being too heavy for him.

Quite surprised at his response, I ask him why would anyone risk an injury just to lift a heavier weight??

His reply blew my mind.

"Whatever man. I know. Sometimes I even feel a bad pain on my back and shoulders while doing this. But hey, look around you. Everyone is lifting heavy man. Here, look at my workout partner. He is lifting heavier. How can you expect me to lift lighter than this bro, tell me?? "

He then winks and goes back to doing what he was doing. He probably thought, looking like a badass, lifting heavy ass weights with horrible form was worth risking a spine injury.(Sigh!).

Later that night while going to bed I thought to myself- Why am I judging him so much? How am I different from that dude in the gym? How are any of us different from that dude in the gym? Although his logic made no sense, that is exactly what many of us are doing right now in our lives.

Competing for promotions in a job you don't really enjoy. Not hanging out with someone because they don't make you look cool. Hooking up with people just to make someone jealous. Going to places just to get some good selfies to post on facebook. Even starting bad habits like smoking and drinking just to gel in with a particular crowd.

Everyone wants to be accepted.  Accepted in their friend circle, accepted in their social circle, relatives circle, basically everywhere. And that's okay. But what we don't realize is, in that process, sometimes we end up compromising on our values, opinions, desires, and even engage in self-sabotaging behaviors like the dude in the gym for example. Just as he is setting himself up for an injury sooner or later, so are we.

I am myself guilty of the above. Chances are you have also done one or two of the above things in the past, or worse- still doing it! And that's okay too. Just be aware of it every time you do, and then ask yourself- Is this worth the compromise? Is this worth the injury? Perhaps, this might help You take a better decision at that moment.

Every time you do something where you feel that little itch at the back of your head, it's time for you to pause and reflect. Wait a minute, Is this really benefiting me and making me happy? Or, am I just seeking approval and trying to be a part of the pack, just for the heck of it?

It's okay to fall into the pit of 'need for societal acceptance' from time to time. It's not okay to stay stuck there. Call yourself out on it and let saner minds prevail.

And if you have a better solution, don't hesitate to share your wisdom and experience in the comments section below.

Yeah and one more thing- Stop ego lifting in the gym and double check your form before going heavy :P

Thanks for reading!

Peace!! :) 

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In my previous post I made the argument for why fitness is the obvious starting point for your masculine Alpha 2.0 lifestyle, and how mastering your body will make all of the other areas we focus on easier.

In this post, I want to make that a reality for you. Too much of the information surrounding fitness is dogmatic. Written by ‘fitness people’ for ‘fitness people’. This is fine if you’re really into fitness, love your hardcore workouts and do not struggle for motivation.

However, what if you’re not a ‘fitness guy’?

This is for people who just want to get the benefits of being fit and healthy, even if they don’t love working out yet. You know you need to do it, and these 5 tips will help you to get it done, enjoy it, and see progress towards your fitness goals.

These are 5 things that I have identified as being key for making fitness easy and effective over extended periods of time.


Link your fitness goals with bigger life goals

In my opinion this is the biggest thing people who don’t love fitness are missing. They don’t have a clearly articulated reason why fitness is important. Thus, it is always a negotiation with themselves to get it done, and it always falls behind when life gets in the way.

To get off that constant start-stop rollercoaster, you need to figure out why fitness is important for you. Why getting in better shape is going to benefit your life in the areas that you care most about. These areas are where you are always highly motivated, inspired and always find time. By linking fitness in with the important things in your life, it becomes important by proxy and you will always get it done.

Grab a notepad and pen, and write down your main goals in life currently. It might be your business, sex life, kids; whatever is most important. Then write 20+ reasons why getting in better shape will benefit these important goals.

E.g. “being in better shape will give me more energy to work on my business”, etc.

When you can clearly see the benefits you’re going to get from fitness, it becomes much easier to get it done, regardless of whether you currently enjoy it or not.


Go to the gym every day

Going to the gym on a daily basis, especially first thing in the morning, creates a solid routine. It saves the decision fatigue of arguing with yourself about when you are going to train and when you’re not going to train. This leaves you more energy to focus willpower and decision making on more important tasks.

That doesn’t mean you do a hard workout every day, that will be too much for most people. Instead, you do your workout 4-5 times per week, and spend 2-3 days working on mobility, stretching, doing yoga, rehab work that is a necessary but boring part of a healthy workout routine.

By going to the gym even on ‘non-training days’ it ensures that you get this done, remain flexible and have a long, healthy training career. All without stressing yourself about missing training days, not feeling like it today, and allowing yourself to make excuses.


Leave your phone in the locker

When you’re in the gym, ensure you’re focused on what you’re doing and not getting distracted by emails, Facebook notifications, etc.

Leave the phone in your locker, be present and get your mind inside your body. This will lead to better training sessions, more effective workouts and ultimately a better body.

It also acts as a reset, to de-stress, get present in your body and away from electronics for a while – an underrated but important goal in our constantly connected world. When else do we ever not look at our phone or computer for an extended period of time?

While you’re in the gym, be in the gym. Let work wait until you’ve finished your workout.


Always think long term

When you’ve linked fitness with your other life goals it’s a lot easier to see it as a long-term part of your life. Regardless of what you can or do achieve in a short period, there is always more progression to make. The right way to think about fitness is as building your body, for life.

Not just how you look or the number on the scales today; but your health, physical strength, flexibility, that allows you to live a good life, for the rest of your life.

Always have goals that are long term, such as lifting X amount of weight on the bench press, and spend the time doing what you need to do to maintain a long and healthy training career. That means not just training beach muscles, but spending time on prehab, rehab, core, stability exercises, etc.

What you give to your body in the gym, your body will give back in serving you throughout life.


Connect with your body

Long term success requires being connected with your body. Knowing what it needs, when to push and when to back off training.

This mind-body connection is something that naturally develops over time and experience, but will be encouraged by focusing on how you are feeling and the feedback your body gives you. The better you understand yourself, the better your results will be.

Not only will you make more progress in the gym, but this body awareness is important for improving posture, and generally moving better in your day to day life.

The breath is a good place to start – many people have no connection with their breath, taking short and sharp breaths in their chest, rather than deep belly breaths.

Try laying on your back, closing your eyes, placing the hands lightly on top of the stomach and breathing in and out deeply. You should feel the stomach rise and fall under your hands. Getting ‘in your breath’ is a superb way to centre yourself, reset focus, and release stress. It’s also the first stage to learning how to be ‘in your body’ with your mind.


Action Steps

Take these 5 points and implement them into your life. They will lead to better results in your fitness, and with it, better results in the other areas of life that naturally follow on from mastery of your body.

If you have any specific questions regarding fitness, and how your body can serve you in an Alpha 2.0 lifestyle, leave a comment and I will get back to you. 

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10 Steps to a Fitter You

I just want to get rid of that tummy. What do I do?

A question that has been haunting people ever since movies started promoting lean men as the epitome of  'Sexiness'.

Famous New Year Resolutions around fitness- Lose weight, get rid of some tummy, Six Pack Abs, Size zero waistline, killer thighs, sexy bum, improve  athleticism, join kickboxing, martial arts, dance, etc, etc. Bottom line- Improve one’s Sex Appeal.

Now we may say things like I am doing this just to feel good, or just as a hobby, or to feel more energetic throughout the day, for overall health and fitness, blah blah blah. But, let's face it. 9 out of 10 times, all we want is to just, look good 'naked' and be more attractive to the opposite sex. 

Disclaimer: I am no fitness guru or nutrition expert. And these are stuff I gathered from my own personal experience, but mostly from, yeah you guessed it right- the good old 'google', blogs, articles, fitness books, youtube videos- you name it!  Nothing new, nothing fancy and definitely nothing unique.

Alright, cutting to the chase....

10 steps to a fitter You:-

1. Don't follow any special diet. Instead create one!

Create a diet that you can stick to for a year, and preferably forever. As long as it's natural whole food, not deep fried or sugar filled or refined flour, it's okay. However, don't forget to add a little protein in there in the form of eggs or egg-whites or fish. Low carb diet, paleo diet, intermittent fasting all sound cool on paper. But Ask yourself- can I do this for a long time and forever? If your answer is Yes, then by all means go for it. Else just remove or include a few things in your current diet. Chances are you already know the things you need to remove/include in your diet, almost intuitively. Do it! Just Modify and improvise while keeping it simple and do-able for yourself.

2. Quality over Quantity!

We all have been told to be in a calorie surplus to gain weight and calorie deficit to lose weight. In short, eat less to lose weight and eat big to get big. Technically, that's correct. However, if we want more muscle definition, better looking skin, more energy while working out, etc, then we have to give priority to the type of food that goes into our system, rather than the amount. Here are a few- oats, nuts, greek yogurt, brown rice, sweet potatoes, peanut  butter, fish, milk, eggs, vegetables, fruits, avocado, etc.

3. Go to Bed at least by 11:30 p.m and get minimum 7 hrs of sleep, if not 8.

Some studies have shown that our body does most of the repair work at night between 10pm and 2 a.m; That's why sometimes when we go to bed after 2 and even if we sleep till 11 a.m, we still feel drowsy and keep yawning. Also, regularly sleeping less than 6hrs, reduces our body's natural metabolism thereby causing early aging and weight gain.

4. Drink a minimum of 2 litres of water every day.

Ideally, men should be drinking 2.5 to 3 litres. However, this number is subjective and may vary for different individuals. Just  increase your intake if you are taking protein powders(even protein rich foods) or doing high intensity workouts, sweating out a lot or living in a hot climate. But 2 litres of water is the absolute minimum and this does not include juice, tender coconut or milk. But pure H2O. :P

5. Don't be obsessed with CARDIO!!

Sure, cardio is an excellent way to not only kick start your metabolism and burn fat, but also for your  overall heart health. Not to mention it builds conditioning and endurance too. However, making it the only form of exercise for You is not a good idea. At some point, you either have to lift weights or atleast do some bodyweight resistance training( using resistance bands or just  your own bodyweight). Weights and body weight exercises not only  build muscle (and thereby increase your basic metabolic rate) but they also improve your bone density which  will otherwise decrease with age. Low bone density = saying hello to back pain, joint irritations and early onset of age related problems.

6. Calorie counting!

I know. This is a chore and often frowned upon, in some cultures. We either like to eat until we hate our bodies or starve until we hate our lives. However, the good news is, you don't have to get obsessed with this or 'measure' each and everything you eat (unless you are aiming for six pack abs or  look like a fitness magazine cover model).

Use Google to find the maintenance calories for your body by entering your age, gender, weight, activity level, etc. Eat 200-300 calories less than that maintenance number to lose weight and vice versa to gain. At least have a rough estimation of the calories you are consuming per day (including gms of protein intake per day). Do this for a week or two and then you will get used to it and have a rough idea of the total calories you are consuming on a day to day basis, without actually counting them. Try to roughly meet those numbers, especially the protein.

Protein helps you retain your hard earned muscle, especially while you are trying to lose weight, thereby helping you maintain your shape and strength.

7. The only 4 exercises you will need!

Whether you want to burn fat or gain muscle, the only 4 exercises you need are- Deadlift, Squats, Bench Press and Shoulder Press. And among body weight  exercises- Push ups, Pull Ups, Dips, and Squats.  If you are pressed on time then these are the only exercises you will need  to become strong as well as look good naked. ;) After all, there is a reason why these are called the foundational exercises. They not only burn more calories and make you more athletic, but they also trigger your growth hormones more efficiently.  Feel free to  throw in some ab and core exercises in between.  

3-4 days per week of exercise is more than enough as long as you are doing the right exercises with the right intensity.

8. Give up the 'All or Nothing' attitude!

One of the biggest mistakes people make  is setting unrealistic goals, being too hard on themselves or having high expectations. Everyone is looking for a 6 month transformation or just get ready for that upcoming marriage event asap. Anything less than 40 mins and 5 days a week of workout  is considered a waste of time and ineffective.

Truth is, 10 mins of workout every day is enough to get you in the zone. Have a 10 min easy workout plan, on days you are busy/lazy (Hint: Use YouTube). That way you never feel guilty of skipping a workout or depend on that leftover willpower to hit big when the time comes. Even a 10 min yoga, jogging or jump rope session is fine as long as you do it consistently all year round. Work yourself up to the point where you are lifting weights or at least doing some kind of resistance training.

9. Have a cheat 'meal' instead of a cheat 'day'.

Assuming that you will do it like an adult and not go overboard with it, you can actually enjoy a little of your favorite junk food every now and then while still reaping the benefits of a good diet.  Just as having one healthy meal or working out just once a week won't get you a size zero waistline, similarly having a little junk food once in a while won't make you fat. It's about what you do majority of the time that matters.

It’s called the 80/20 rule or 70/30 rule. As in, you stick to natural whole food 70 to 80 percent of the time and indulge in a little junk during the remaining 20 percent. Once you have raised your basic metabolic rate through the above 8 steps, you will actually have the luxury to give in to a few cravings without feeling guilty or worrying about it making you fat overnight. Instead if you go for a cheat day (on weekends) you are more likely go a little overboard and ruin all the gains you made throughout the week.

10. Visualize the fitter You.

Now this one is huge. Even though it may not make any sense initially, keep telling yourself you are getting fitter and moving towards a fitter You. Actually visualise yourself walking around in those slim fit clothes and looking good. Really feel the positive emotions of getting complimented on your physique and progress. If you are fat, don't say I am fat. Instead say- I am not fit yet. These are not some 'positive-thinking' BS or some new age mumbo-jumbo. They are scientifically proven stuff that have been implemented successfully time and again by people, just like You and me.

When I decided to put on 10 pounds, I wrote the exact number (160 lbs) on a post-it note and sticked it to my bathroom door. I actually visualized my t-shirts getting tighter and people complimenting me on my physique.  I even rehearsed what to say when those people would compliment me. 8 months later all of this became a reality... word by word. There were weeks and months where things weren't going my way and I felt unsure. But I did not stop wishful thinking.

So, don't worry about your new year resolutions, past or present. It's never too late. Start small or start from scratch, but start right away.  It's all just a matter of time, my friend.

Ask yourself every morning- What is that one thing I can do today or not do today, to get just one step closer to the 'fitter' me!!  Peace.

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I believe there’s an Apha 2.0 lifestyle hierarchy, based on an updated version of Maslow’s hierarchy. Many of Maslow’s considerations such as shelter and basic sustenance are non-issues for a modern-day westerner. We’ve civilized ourselves beyond concern for merely staying alive. Now we’re in the position to focus on optimizing our lifestyle. The following is how I view the hierarchy of needs for optimization of this lifestyle.

A modern-day Alpha 2.0 hierarchy looks like this:

Why Is Health & Body at the Bottom?

Health is fairly obvious. Without good health, it’s very hard to do anything. Even if you do manage to function on a day to day basis, if you’re going to drop dead at 40, what’s it all for?

Your energy levels and ability to push yourself in business depend on being in a good state of health. You’ll better be able to handle stress, and have higher testosterone. This will mean more drive, more aggression in pursuing your goals, more attraction from the ladies, etc.

It’s a lot easier, not to mention cheaper, to be in good health and maintain it, than it is to try and fix your health when it goes down the pan. Likewise, it’s much easier to be happy and remain in a good state of mind when you’re in good health. We are essentially a swirling mass of hormones and neurotransmitters. Your physical health has huge implications for your mental health.

On the physique side of things we’re talking image. Looking good. You don’t need me to tell you that women are more attracted to fit, in shape guys. You want to make picking up the hottest women you can, as easy as you can. Trust me when I say it’s an awful lot easier when you look good.

Staying in shape will get your foot in the door with more women, hotter women, and make meeting the opposite sex consistently easier. Whether you use online dating – where pictures are everything, or you go out to bars and clubs, where first impressions on how you look and carry yourself are everything; being fit makes it a lot easier to have a good sex life.

You don’t need to be a bodybuilder, or 6% bodyfat. You don’t need to be squatting double bodyweight. You just need to be in a good state of health, in better shape than 90% of guys (which is easily attainable if you do any form of exercise and watch your diet), and carry yourself well.

I’m a gym guy myself, but you can get just as much out of martial arts, climbing, or any other form of strenuous exercise, if you’re not a pumping iron kind of guy.


Changing Your Body Is a Metaphor for Life

Your physique really comes into its own as we move up the hierarchy and get to the higher-level things. You spend every single second of your life until the day that you die inside your body. It’s the flesh vehicle that carries you through the journey of life, and it is (at the current level of technology) the only one you will get.

Your body can be a tool that serves you, or a burden that holds you back.

I believe that changing your body is a metaphor for changing your life. It is the ultimate form of self-reliance. If you can’t even look after your physical health, what hope do you have of achieving freedom in any other domain?

If the direct benefits of heath and image are not enough to motivate you to get in shape, then we need to look at the action of changing your body, rather than the outcome.

The skills, behaviours, and mindset you develop through building your body are exactly the same things you need to succeed everywhere else in life. In business, with women, and in generally attaining the level of success and freedom that you desire.

The things you learn, and the person you become in the gym, carry over to the rest of your life. They make everything else easier.

Fitness is the best starting point because it is the easiest. Getting in shape is relatively quick (6-12 months for most) compared to building a business which will probably take years to succeed, when you first start.

Fitness is a fairly closed system. It’s relatively predictable and you can be sure that if you do the work, you will get the outcomes you desire. Compared to completely open systems which rely heavily on other people, like becoming good with women, or succeeding in business; getting in shape is really rather straight forward and within your control.


The Skills, Behaviours, & Mindsets You Develop Changing Your Body

Let me lay out exactly how changing your body is going to change your life.

Goal Setting & Achievement – The very first step in changing your body is setting goals, and creating a plan to move towards them. If you’re employed right now, you have probably never set a goal in your adult life that didn’t have somebody else metaphorically holding a gun to the back of your head to make sure you do it.

Stating a desire, and consistently working towards it, refusing to quit, and eventually getting there. The arc is exactly the same, whether we’re talking fitness, business, women – the only difference is fitness actively helps you do the same in all of the other areas, as mentioned above.


Perseverance, Overcoming Pain, Doing Things You Don’t Want To – If you’re not already in shape then you don’t need to tell me that you don’t like, or at least don’t highly value, fitness.

Guess what?

Laying around watching Netflix and drinking beer doesn’t take you towards your goals. Learning how to do things you don’t want to, or don’t like, is a necessary skill. Nobody likes going and getting rejected at the bar. Nobody likes starting a business and wondering how on earth to keep the lights on in the first few months.

It is, however, what needs to be done.


Strength, Pushing Your Comfort Zone – To achieve things we have to step outside of our comfort zone. We must shake things up and do more than we have done before. The key to success is to be always moving forwards.

The strength you develop mentally (as well as physically), underpins success in any area. Mental toughness is one of the common characteristics all successful people share.


Delayed Gratification – Eating that Mars bar is going to taste good, right now. Having a good body is going to feel good, in 12 month’s time. Can you wait?

Delayed gratification in today’s instantaneous mobile world is damn nearly a super power. Putting in the long hours on a business, saving money to move abroad, leaving a bad relationship and working on yourself to find a better one; they all take you away from happiness or comfort right now. They pay off 100 times over in the future, but right now you have to control yourself and choose the hard route.


Confidence – Doing something that you couldn’t do previously builds your confidence. Getting underneath a heavy ass weight and lifting it builds confidence. Standing toe to toe with another man and fighting builds your confidence.

Suddenly that sales call or talking to the girl at the bar doesn’t seem as unattainable. You’ve developed the confidence in your ability to do things that scare you. You start to learn how to back yourself, to trust and follow through on your commitments.


It’s Never Too Late, But It’s Never the Right Time Either

No matter where you are right now, it is not too late to start changing your body. There will never be a downside to getting in shape.

You will never become less healthy, less attractive, or less strong-willed by getting in better shape. Indeed, I would argue the opposite, the later in life you are, the more beneficial it will be.

If you’re 40, wouldn’t you kill to have the energy you had at 25?

If you’re 35, and everyone around you has a ‘dad bod’, wouldn’t you kill it with the ladies if you got in decent shape?

Wherever you are at right now, there is only possibly a net gain from fixing your body.

But you don’t have time, or you don’t like the gym?

There’s never a right time. Just like there’s never a right time to start that business, or dump that toxic girl. Life will never do the work for you. You must take control and take action yourself. Make the damn time.

Getting up a bit earlier and going to the gym before work will end up being a net gain in time, as you increase energy, focus, productivity, confidence, get sick less, etc.

Be honest with yourself. If you don’t have time right now, it’s simply because you don’t want to. If that’s the case, then I haven’t laid out the benefits clearly enough, and I’ll take responsibility for that – but don’t lie to yourself.

Invest in your body and it will pay you dividends back for the rest of your life.

If you’re unsure how to motivate yourself, or how to tap into a deeper sense of purpose to achieve more in your body, or any other area of life, this post has you covered.


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How to Seduce Women with Honesty

When a man decides to learn how to attract women, there's a lot of contradicting advice that he can follow. What normally happens is that he starts reading all the material that he can find, and is so overwhelmed by it that he doesn't actually do anything. Not the most effective way to learn.

Let's examine the options:

  • First, there's the “blue pill” advice: things like “just be yourself” or “you have to tell her what you feel”. This advice is normally given by women (who don't really know what they are attracted to), betas (who probably have not been with a girl in ages, if ever), or by naturals (who don't see the necessity to learn about seduction). If you are an average guy who has not gotten very good results with women, this type of advice won't do much for you.
  • Then we have the classic PUA/Red Pill stuff. Things like “negging,” NLP or routines were extremely popular when I was starting in this field, 7 years ago. And although they can be really helpful in the short term, I think most of us can agree that running around your whole life hypnotizing girls or telling them fake stories about yourself is not our idea of fun.

Oddly enough, lately the seduction community in Europe (where I am from) is taking a massive shift towards what's called “natural game.” A lot of the companies here try to sell the idea that they can teach you how to attract women by being honest, and nothing more. But, does this type of advice really work? What do they really mean when they tell you to be honest?

Why being honest can make you more attractive

“Being honest” probably reminds you of all the “just be yourself” bullshit: say whatever you think/feel, and the girl of your dreams will be swept off her feet. But as we all know, this is not usually the case.

Just “being yourself”, as anyone with some experience in women can tell you, is the perfect blueprint to make you lonely and frustrated, wondering what's wrong with you and why nobody likes you. When I was 16 years old and trying to follow this type of advice, it wasn't long until I discovered how ineffective it really is.

What do I mean by honesty, then? In his book “Models”, Mark Manson says that we should be honest in three main areas:

  • In our lifestyle
  • In our acts
  • In our communication

If we're able to do that, not only will our relationships with women will be vastly improved, but we'll also be much closer to the best version of ourselves.

Let's examine each of these areas.

Honesty in our lifestyle

What's the main problem of the “just be yourself” advice? That most of us don't really know what that means.

We are full of society's bullshit about how our life should be. Disney programming, false beliefs about career and relationships... The vast majority of people end up living a life they don't want to live, normally following the “go to university, get a job, get married and have kids, and enjoy your life when you're retired.” And while this lifestyle might work for some people, it is not what will make the majority of us happy.

So if you work a job you hate, spend your free time watching TV, and you are not doing anything to improve this situation... Why would any gal want to join your life?

No woman is going to approach you and say, “Hey, your life's shit, but let's start a relationship so I make it look better.” While a lot of Betas think love (or one – night stands) will save them, girls don't want to be your reason for living: they want to be with a man who has a Mission.

So, in order to become attractive to others, you first have to become attractive to yourself. No amount of game will help you if you live a life you hate.

If you have no idea what to begin with, I would recommend focusing on your diet/fitness, as this is a field that depends completely on your and will build your confidence very quickly. When I lost 30 pounds and started exercising, a lot of my old beliefs and bad habits changed too.

But no matter how you want to begin, the important thing is that you ask yourself what kind of life you really want to live. If you have no idea how to discover what you truly want, you can start with the following questions:

  • What would I do if I was the last person on Earth, and nobody would judge me?
  • What would I do if I knew I was going to succeed in everything that I tried?
  • What would a “perfect day” look like for me?

Honesty in our acts

Once you have started working on your own life, you will notice a boost in your relationships with women. If you have travelled the world, can speak foreign languages, are physically fit, have lived a thousand adventures and work in a job you're passionate about... The girls in your life will trip over themselves to be with you.

 But there may be a problem here: how many girls do you interact with in a daily basis? Normally your social circle will not be big enough to supply you with a constant stream of beautiful women. And as being successful with girls is a numbers game, you will have to look for a way to bring new gals into your life.

Although many people in the PUA community go out on the street specifically to interact with women, and even if this can be very effective when done right, there is an even better way to do this: approach every girl that attracts you.

Next time you are on the subway or doing your groceries, and you see an attractive lady who you'd like to meet, observe your thoughts. Things like “I don't have enough time” or “She'll probably have a boyfriend” will come to your mind. But do you know what those are? Exactly: excuses.

Reality is, one of the hardest parts of improving our relationships with women is facing our fears and do what we have to do anyway. So by all means, if you see a girl that you want to talk to, go for it. And remember that you're not trying to sweep her off her feet yet; you just want to show to yourself that you can actually do it. So something as simple as “Excuse me, I just saw you over there and wanted to say hi” will do the work. Cheesy? Sure. But it also requires a lot of courage, and just by doing it you will feel more confident.

One idea that the experts in daygame promote is that you have to approach the first cute girl you see every day, until it becomes a habit and you can do it without thinking. Again, you're not doing this to impress the girls or get laid (although this can happen even if just by sheer numbers), but to strive towards the man that you want to be.

Honesty in our communication

You may have heard about how girls are attracted to assholes instead of nice guys. But why is it this way?

Nice Guys, as defined in the book “No More Mr. Nice Guy” (which I encourage you to read) have a lot of problems, but in my opinion the main one is that they never tell you what they really want. I'll explain myself.

We tend to think that nice guys/betas do a lot of things for the woman they like: they buy her flowers, take her on dates, shower her for compliments... But do they really do it for her? The answer is no: they do this type of things to “manipulate” her so she gives them sex or affection in return. Talk about outcome dependency.

So in my opinion, the main difference between Betas and assholes/Alphas/PUAs is that the people in the second group care more about their own desires, and therefore act in a selfish way. This, in itself, triggers an insane amount of attraction in the women you interact with.

And this honesty with our own desires is one of the things that I believe make “direct game” so powerful: by stating what you want and not giving a fuck what other people think about you, you are effectively acting with outcome independency. So if you've always told others what they wanted to hear instead of what you really think, you can start practicing putting yourself first with the following ideas:

  • Learn how to communicate with assertiveness. This is a style of communication that allows you to state your desires and opinions without having to crush those of the rest of the people. If Betas are “passive” and Alphas 1.0 are “aggressive” (the two other styles of communication), assertiveness will help you the most in your way to the Alpha 2.0 lifestyle.
  • If you are very afraid of telling a girl what you really want, rehearse in your mind the “worst case scenario.” Picture yourself stating what you want and getting rejected/shamed by everybody else. Make it as vivid as possible. This way, when you actually do it, any outcome will look good in comparison.
  • In your dates, start worrying more about entertaining yourself than about entertaining the girl you're with. Do you hate bars? Take her on a date to the park, or play board games with her instead. Are you bored with the conversation topic? Talk about things that make you passionate, tell a funny story, ask her what you really want to know... Again, this is not meant to seduce any particular girl, but rather to create the habit of pleasing yourself first. Subtleties will come later.

So now I want to hear your opinion about this. How do you think honesty can help you in your relationships with the women you like?

See you soon,



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Rank 4 - Soaring Eagle

Supreme Body



With the explosion of the number of adepts in the world of fitness and weight training, there has been a parallel trend that tends to classify successful people in the transformation of their bodies as "shallow," "superficial," "superfluous," "vain," "selfish," "individualistic" or even "dumb.”

I will not go into detail as to why I think this is tremendous nonsense, since I see nothing wrong with whoever chooses to start a journey of self-development.

There are, however, certain vices and behaviors present in our society that we can not ignore when we touch upon the subject. That being so, I certainly understand about this good deal of motives of such widespread "tantrum" with anyone striving for a better body.

One of these reasons is that we are constantly bombarded with photos and stories about celebrities preaching a healthy lifestyle. Every day we see some famous face with a slim body and well defined muscles, announcing this or that pot of super greek yogurt X, which, by the way, costs three times more than the regular skim (but does the same thing, or is even worse because has a lot of sugar), or showing the "negative" tummy in the magazine.

There is, howevver, a serious problem with this type of advertising. These people are preaching a lifestyle that they themselves probably do not follow!!! Without generalizing, since there are several exceptions to the rule, in many cases they are people who spend sleepless nights enjoying alcoholic drinks, eating  crap, using drugs of all kinds or clogging themselves with black listed pharmaceuticals to lose or gain weight. At the same time, they have plenty of money to "fix" their bodies in time for the light-hearted take on the soap opera or the “exclusive” photoshoot for the fashion magazine.

Understand once and for all that people who live in their own image and depend on how they "appear" to make money constantly need "patches" of liposuction, plastic surgeries, makeup and other frufrus, so they can always appear "in shape" and "healthy" when their number is called upon. To add insult to injury it happens mainly if they do not follow a healthy lifestyle. These people live by displaying themselves in photos loaded with photoshop “natural” retouching and being totally hypocritical with their own followers, preaching things that they themselves do not do for pure laziness, hedonism or lack of character!

Humans were shaped to be constantly improving their performance. Any kind of stagnation can bring serious physical and psychological harm. So do not fall for the misleading propaganda of people who just want to make you spend your hard-earned money on nonsense and "shortcuts" that do not work in real life. Do not let these distractions get the focus of what really matters and works for you!!!

No one who seeks a better, stronger, healthier body is mediocre, or shallow, or a worse human being because of that. In fact it’s quite the opposite!!!

If you are progressing and achieving your goals, you are probably inspiring your family, friends and co-workers. You are acting to improve the world by being an example, taking courage, boosting your self-esteem, seeking self-development and becoming a better person each day! There is nothing selfish about that!

Believe me: you are on the right path! A very different path from the famous chatter displayed on the television or magazine who’s just crapping with his mouth about living a healthy life! Do not let the negativity, or the social pressure of people who do not go through the same difficulties as you dictate how you feel! Be authentic and believe in the importance of the goals you have set!

In summary, do not follow fashion! Follow a lifestyle! Train strong, eat well (and healthy), rest enough for the full recovery of your body and mind and be happy!!!

This is the best answer you can give when that moronic and out of shape friend comes to make fun of the results of your efforts!


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