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Alternatives to vasectomy, method 2

I have known about this method for a very long time, but I had reservations. The wet heat method has (some) human testing, and seems clearly non-permanent, or very nearly so. Certainly enough to assuage the reservations of someone who is "pretty sure" they want a vasectomy, but slightly concerned you might change your mind in 10 years. 

Papaya seeds. This method couldn't be easier. just as easy as taking a pill. It is important to note that it takes around 90 days to reach sterility with this method, which to me makes me a bit more comfortable considering if it is reversible or not. It's obviously not THAT potent if it takes such a long time to take effect. 

Literally all you do is eat one teaspoon of papaya seeds daily. I just buy a bunch of papayas, scoop the seeds, put them in the freezer, and toss a teaspoon in the blender with my protein shake every day. You can also buy papaya seed powder online, but it's crazy expensive. 

This method has been tested in rats, but for one year only. They regained full fertility after discontinuing. It also  has a long history of aboriginal use, but also we have no long term data there. Anyway at this point in my life, I finally decided I don't give a damn. How bad could the side-effects possibly be, compared to all the pharamaceutical crap people are taking every day. And in the end, to me it's worth it for time management compared to the wet heat method I've been using previously. 

So I'm going on about 8 years now, between the wet heat method and this method, I've blown hundreds of times inside many women, zero pregnancies. If for some reason 10 years from now I change my mind, want to have a kid, and discover unexpectedly that quitting them doesn't put me back again after all, I'll adopt. Honestly I think it's unethical as fuck making new children anyway. 

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  • Awesome! Thanks man! I've known about both methods for a long time, but never spoke with anyone who had actually tried them out. This gives me inspiration to start the papaya seed method, supplemented with the wet heat method while I'm waiting for the seeds to kick in at first.<br/>
    So, were you fertile to begin with? Did you ever check? And how do you check now? Also, have you experienced ANY side effects at all?
  • Honestly I think it's unethical as fuck making new children anyway.

    I would like to know your reasoning behind this. Are you saying that it's unfair to create new children while there are still orphans that need a home?

    I tend to believe that should I ever decide I want children that I'll likely adopt as well, but that's for reasons other than ethics to be honest.

    I would also like to see more scientific data on this Papaya seed method. It almost seems too good to be true.

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    haha well you caught me being hyperbolic, I don't know that I'm particularly prepared (or interested) in a debate defending that comment. But briefly, yes, it seems rather unethical to create a new child for no good reason, when you could have adopted one instead. Extra people do the world no favors, and orphans are truly in need. I guess I am presupposing that benefitting society is ethical. I don't even particularly agree with that myself. Also it is vastly easier/cheaper to make your own.  But I find that it is basically impossible to justify creating a new child in the first place. I've never heard anyone who could do it. Therefore, justifying creating a new child, _instead_ of saving the life of an existing child living in suffering, sounds like a hell of an upward battle to me. 

    Not difficult to find what scientific data exists with a quick google search. They did some studies on rats and, maybe monkeys as well? I don't recall. Either way, it's ridiculously easy to try yourself. Hard to be skeptical of results. 

    • I've seen the same studies that you have, I just would like it if there was more. Regardless I'll probably try it out.

      I don't know that I'm particularly prepared (or interested) in a debate defending that comment.

      Hah! That's the funny thing about a community of guys who don't give a shit, not many debates. I was mostly curious about getting a perspective that's different from the norm.

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      I AM sterile. That's the point. Thanks to papaya seeds or hot water....thought that was pretty clear. 

      I didn't say hundreds of women. I mean I've cum inside hundreds of times, in several women. 

      I have from time to time gone "off" whatever method I was using. When I was younger, before converting to an Alpha 2 lifestyle, I would generally go long periods of time without sex after finishing a monogamous relationship. I wasn't going to torture myself in hot water just IN CASE I met a girl I wanted to get serious with, and at that time casual sex wasn't on the table for me. So I wouldn't start using the method again until meeting a girl I wanted to get serious with. Each time, my fertility bounced right back to big, healthy numbers according to sperm tests. 

      Also, I thought this should be obvious, but I always took a sperm test prior to starting the treatment as well. If you happened to be steril already, makes sense to find out before going to all this trouble : P

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    Awesome! Do you know if it's possible to buy papaya seeds in packs?
    Is it efficient if the papaya seeds are dried?
    • I just ordered Papaya Seed Powder on Amazon.

      It's really inexpensive when you compare it against the cost of condoms. I can't personally speak for it's effectiveness though but I'm sure I'll add an update in a couple months when I know more. Bulksupplements Pure Papaya Seed Powder (100 grams): Health & Personal Care
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      Brilliant! Thanks for the link :)
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      Very nice, this wasn't available when I last had checked, also I live overseas and this company won't ship to me. The only option I had in the past was a company selling organic 4oz. of powder for $50, which is only enough to last about two months or so so that's pretty expensive. 

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      I bought dried seeds once and they suck. Even when you grind them up in your blender, they don't get ground finely enough and it feels like you're drinking bits of gravel or something. Better to use the powder, or scoop out the fresh seeds from real papayas. 

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