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UPDATED 2017 October 1st

I would like to document here my journey into improving my fitness and aesthetics. It's an area where I struggle to find motivation and reconcile it with a nomadic lifestyle. I have a very thing bone structure, I am not tall, and I find it hard to gain muscles. Perhaps some of you can give me some insights. And perhaps this can help others.

There is a link to an album with all my shirtless pictures from 2014 April 28th in this thread of the private forum. I will update it regularly with new pictures:

I have finally set myself the following GOAL:

DATE: On 2022 September 16th the latest or before (5 years)


A - Be above 69kg/152lbs of total mass. 


B - [(B(mirror - best goal) - Visible abs)


(B(waist/belt - medium goal) - waist size measured at the smallest point bellow 79cm 31.1inch and belt size bellow 83cm/32.7inches after toilet before meal, relaxed belly)


(B(DEXA) - worst goal) have less than 15% bodyfat as measured by a DEXA scan after toilet, before meal, not fully hydrated example if scan is in the morning, no drink, no meal before the scan is completed]

It reads as follows: A, the total weight must be above 69kg over multiple measurements over a month since total weight fluctuates a lot for multiple reasons including hydration. I like this goal because A+B(waist/belt) is very easy to measure and gives me a good estimate of my fat (goal B) and muscle developments. My goal is considered reached if A+B(waist/belt) is reached, or if my abs are visible. I don't need my abs to be visible A+B(waist/belt) is enough. If I did't reach this belt size and my abs are not visible at all, I'll undergo a DEXA scan and my goal is to be 15% body fat (at 69kg that would mean a Fat Free Mass Index of 19.6 a bit above average for Caucasian males). I'll keep tracking my other measurements as well but I have no more specific goals on them besides getting bigger (except for the waist and belt). Discussing with you guys, especially POB, helped me to word this goal as simple to measure as possible.

My current measurements:

total height 174cm 68.5inches
173cm 68.11 inches 5'8.11"

total weight (measured 2017 September 27): 63kg/139lbs

mass gain: 

5kg/11lbs total mass increase in 3 months and 22 days (114 days) from 2017 June 6th.

307g/0.677lbs per week average (that's a bit above the 0.5lbs per week that I input in, so I have overestimated my activity level).

1.316kg/2.9lbs per month average. That's 2 to 3 times faster than the maximum muscle mass gain for a novice. Obviously a lot of this gain is fat mass. I am slowing down my total caloric intake since a couple of days, which feels great since I was forcing myself to eat more). I am adjusting to resume intermittent fasting (eating in a 8 hours window), since I also enjoys the feeling of it. I still need to adjust the diet so that I keep my protein intake (which was probably lower these last 2 days since I just reduced the volume of food).

Bodyfat unknown: guesstimate around 18%-23% but could be up to 28% according to some pictures based feedback of one acquaintance. I want to do a DEXA scan this week (2500php/42€/50USD in Quezon City, Manila Metro, Philippines - I am not sure if it's available here in Davao City or TANITA electric scale body composition analysis (790php/13.2€/16USD in Davao Doctors Hospital

hips 93cm
waist/belt(bellow navel where I have the most fat) 89cm 35.039
waist size (measure at the navel/smallest point) 79cm 31.1inch
92chest without arms
108 chest+arms
seated height 93cm
seated height to bottom neck 70cm
biceps reled hands down 28cm
biceps contracted horizontal 30cm
cuisse relaxed standing right below the black swimming boxer 52cm
wrist 15.5cm 6.102inches
ankle 20cm 7.874inches
Neck 36.5cm 14.37

To put things in perspective here are the results from the Casey Butt formula:

Maximum Muscular Bodyweight and Measurements Calculator

Height:68.11 in

Wrist:6.102 in

Ankle:7.874 in
Your estimated maximum muscular bodyweight at ~10% bodyfat is: 178.7 lbs 81.057kg
Your estimated maximum bulked bodyweight at ~10% bodyfat is: 185.9 lbs
Your estimated maximum muscular measurements (@ ~8%-10% bodyfat) are:

Chest:43.7 in 110.998cm
Biceps:15.8 in 49.132cm
Forearms:12.6 in
Neck:15.4 in
Thighs:23.2 in 58.928cm
Calves:15.6 in


My resistance training routine is based on "Convict Conditioning" and I am going to add exercises from "You are your Own Gym", which is full of great exercise ideas, thanks Venom! I know it may be sub-optimal training routine, but I would like to stick to Calisthenics for motivation and thus regularity reasons, the main point being able to do it anywhere without equipment (I am nomad, I cannot carry around any equipment with me, and going to a gym is a huge motivation killer for me). I am still new to resistance training. I have been very inconsistently dicking around at the gym for 2 years. I mean by that going there a couple of months, then loosing motivation and not going for like 6 months, etc... and hate training and have huge motivation issues. I found that Calisthenics allows me to workout anywhere so I don't have the overhead of travelling to a gym, that helps with motivation. Also breaking the training sessions in several parts across the day helps me to get motivated to do more.

Part A (about 5 minutes), My goal is twice per day. And I actually end up doing it only 5 times per week.

pull-ups 2 sets of 3 (I can do one full and the second is 3/4 and the 3rd is half)

jackknife pull-ups 1 sets of 20 (I have been busted 2 days ago from the place where I did them, still haven't found a replacement)

1 sets of 15 flat hanging half leg raises

Part B (About 15 minutes) My goal is to do Part B 3 times a day, but I actually do it in average 12 times a week.

1 set of 10 full push-ups

1 sets of 20 one leg half squats (for each leg separately)

1 sets of 30 biceps curl with 10kg bar (it's actually a 10L plastic container filled with water that I carry with both arms somehow like a barbell)

1 sets of 40 over head with 10kg bar (it's actually a 10L plastic container filled with water that I carry with both arms somehow like a barbell)

One example of a perfect (when I don't skip anything) training day is:

9am Part B

11am Part B

3pm Part A

4pm Part A

7pm Part B


I was aiming at 2500kcal per day. Now I will aim at 2250kcal per day, or be much more active and see what happens in term of total mass gain.

I ate around 110g of protein per day this means between 0.79g to 0.85g of protein per pound of total body mass (I aim at 2.2g of protein per kg of lean mass but I put a random guesstimate of 18% bodyfat). The rest was 42% fat calories (320g) and 44% carbohydrates calories (320g). One thing I want to try is to a higher carbohydrate caloric intake closer to 80% cab calories, to see if it augments my energy levels.

I cook myself, whole plant based foods (I feel a bit more energized than with a more traditional western diet), except 2 to 4 meals per week. My total intake is in volume 95% plants (75% raw whole plants, 15% cooked plants, 5% processed plants, 5% all sorts of animal products, meat, fish, eggs, diary, milk cheese, etc...). I favor foods that heighten testosterone levels such as maca powder, brazil nuts, coconuts, almonds, avocados, chia and pumpkin seeds and try to stay clear from processed foods especially processed soy. See in the posts bellow for a detailed nutrition as tracked in

Here are different weight gain curves of a 95% response time (3*tau) of 14 years plotted over 5 years/60 months, t=0+ is 2017 June 06, and my actual weight measurements in pink:

Red (constant 25% fat, FFMI maximal potential 22, starting at 15):


Orange (constant fat mass of 15kg, FFMI maximal potential 22, starting at 15):


Black (ideally smooth "body recomposition" starting at 25% fat to 15% 5 years later at 69kg with a maximal potential of FFMI 22, starting from FFMI 15, 95% of FFMI response in 14 years "3*tau" training - from t=-6=2014October to t=0-=2015April is my previous dirty bulk):


Fluo yellow (constant fat mass of 10.3kg, FFMI maximal potential 22, starting at 15):


Strong Yellow (constant 15% fat, FFMI maximal potential 22, starting at 15):


Yellowish green (constant fat mass of 8kg, FFMI maximal potential 22, starting at 15):


Fluo green (constant 12% fat, FFMI maximal potential 22, starting at 15):


Light blue (constant fat mass of 5.1kg, FFMI maximal potential 22, starting at 15):


Deep blue (constant 8% fat, FFMI maximal potential 22, starting at 15):



From a sex marathon where I fuck every day and I ejaculate every time until I feel my cock is sore, and I cannot ejaculate (or very few in quantity), a moment I would define as libido is 0% or let's say 10%, to recover 100%, I need roughly 3 days (or 72hours) of total abstinence, not even masturbating and of course no orgasm, no ejaculation. And then if I have sex with 2hours of "direct penis stimulation" and cum, I loose a good 30%. Now if I wait only 48hours after reaching 10% of libido, I recover around 80%.

So if I have 2h "penis stimulation" sex every 48 hours, no ejaculation, each sex session is 100% in term of my sensations and I don't feel "tired of it" at all.

If I do the same, but everyday, or even 1h only, then I start to feel a bit sore, my sensations are 80%.

If I have sex every day, 1h direct penis stimulation, and ejaculate once a day, then after about 3 weeks at this frequency, I reach a point where I am "tired of it", the enjoyment is maybe 30% of what it could be. I would be close to reach 10% libido quicker if I added more sex and ejaculations.

I notice regular workout seems to significantly drop my sex drive and my sexual enjoyment, especially my energy level during the sex takes a severe hit, it's kinda like I feel lazy to move during sex... compared to when I don't do any workout over several days like a week or more. My movements feel kinda weird and also a lot less enjoyable with all this muscle soreness/tiredness from the workouts sessions.

Health Issues

A - I have tinnitus (acouphènes in french) probably since I was around 19 years old. Mine is a consistent noise somewhere around 18khz frequency (I used a signal processor to recreate the noise that I constantly hear). This frequency is very high and does not interfere much with useful frequencies, however it certainly does drain me somehow. The volume level is comparable to a medium-loud fan at 1 meter/4 feet (but the frequency band around 18kHz is totally different). I hear it in both ear equally. Cause remains diagnosed by specialists. So far diet changes and/or exercise doesn't seem to change anything to this problem. But perhaps I missed a miracle change.

B - I need to sleep a lot to feel energized. It seems even 8 hours sleep is not enough and I tend to have headache all day even if I sleep less than 10 hours. Whereas when I manage to get 10 to 12 hours sleep, I don't get this headache. The more I sleep the less loud the tinnitus sounds. If I sleep less than 6h the tinnitus can get pretty loud and disturbing, and the headache can feel really painful. So far diet changes and/or exercise doesn't seem to change anything to this problem. But perhaps I missed a miracle change. I have never tried to eliminate gluten for instance. In real life, Most of the time I get around 8 hours of sleep, that means most of the time I feel headache, ear high volume 18kHz tinnitus noise in both ears and feel low energy.

C - I have herpes simplex outbreaks occurring on my face between my lower lip and my chin, on the left side, since I am around 4 year old. Both my parents have very similar outbreaks. Throughout my life it occurs anywhere between a couple of times a year (I can live with that) up to monthly or bi monthly (now that kind of frequency feels handicapping at this stage since I can't kiss until the outbreak fully heals which can last 2 to 3 weeks since the start, and I feel super tired). I medicate with acyclovir in tablet (1200mg/1600mg per day) and cream form when it occurs. Those last 2 years however the frequency has become handicapping (perhaps because I am more exposed to the sun in tropical regions) so I am currently doing a cure of acyclovir for one year, for symptom suppression. 800mg per day, 1 tablet of 400mg 2 times a day. Medication clearly drains my energy when I take higher doses of acyclovir in tablets during an outbreak, and even now during my cure of a lower 800mg per day dose, I can feel it drains me.

D - I easily get tonsillitis (sore-throat) anywhere between 4 to 10  times per year. Either viral or bacterial. The last 3 occurrences of tonsillitis I got required reinforced antibiotics, it seems I developed a resistance to antibiotics (if that ever makes sense). Most of the times my body reacts with a strong fever, up to 39.5°C rectal temperature. Diet, especially plant based bulking diet, seems to really improve the frequency of these tonsillitis. Exercise on the contrary seems to worsen the problem. Also a more traditional western diet with more white carbs and animal products clearly seems to worsen the problem. Also a cutting diet seems to worsen the problem. Lack of sleep also worsen the problem.

E - I easily get fungi on the tip of my cock if I have unprotected vaginal sex (I do that with high end MLTR or OLTR only) and don't wash in the next 10 minutes after. This is a very minor problem though, since it never occurs if I do everything right and if it occurs it is fixed in maximum 2 weeks with a cream.

F - I noticed I get severe bloating and gas problem if I eat legumes (soy, lentils, beans or peas, etc...) in a cooked form (it seems pea protein powder gives me gas also), or in soy milk or tofu. However no problem when eating them sprouted. Same problem when I drink animal milk. French or other western diet makes me constipated, evacuating only once in 60 hours in average. This issue is solved (evacuating once every 14h in average with a whole foods plants based diet (with legumes in sprouted form, not cooked or processed).

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  • Convict Conditioning is a solid routine with mostly good progressions, however it is focused strongly on muscle memory for learning movement (thus the high reps), not muscle gain.
    Use CC later in your training when youre more advanced in Calisthenics, I found it not good to start with.

    I strongly recommend you get "You are your own Gym" by Mark Lauren.
    It's Bodyweight training, and includes trainingplans with good periodisation to build strength, muscle and overall the foundation for a very solid body.

    Also try to get all of it done in one single session for better muscle gain.

    There are I believe 5 plans included (beginner to chief class).
    They have very good exercise variety which helps with motivation. (exercises will change every 2 weeks or so)
    Workouts are 15-35min, which is really not that much, however if you follow the plans (which i recommend) it will be 4-5x per week.
  • Rank 4 - Soaring Eagle

    While you haven't posted any of your nutrition info yet. One of the things that I advocate is not attempting to do any kind of bulk until you've gotten to a level of about 10-13% bodyfat. The leaner you are when you start bulking, the more noticeable it will be. If you are around 20% bodyfat, and you decide to bulk.... you're also going to put on fat when you gain mass. Basically if you decide to bulk at a higher body fat level, you may not end up looking the way that you want! Like if you do gain LBM you won't be able to see it much, due to your body fat level being higher; and will potentially look chubbier!

    I started out at probably 30% bodyfat, and right now I'm down to about 11-13%. It's taken me a couple of years to get to this point, but I'm going to be starting my own bulk here soon within the next couple of months. 

    • Second that.
      Cut low and then go for a slow lean bulk (200-300 calorie surplus).
      Also you will look more attractrive on 10-14% even when you don't have a lot of muscle mass.
    • Rank 2 - Vicious Wolf
      For my current diet, I am omnivore but it is mostly plant based. About in term of money, about 90% of the food I eat is vegan. In term of volume I think it's 95% plants, 5% eggs, diary, milk, fish, meat.
      I do not want to add more animal products to my diet for environmental and health purposes.
      I have read "the thrive diet" by Brendan Brazier. I also watch videos of Jon Venus, Vegan Gainz for inspiration about food. I cook most of my meals currently.
      I use cronometer to track my calories. I am currently in the idea of a slow bulk indeed.

      I did a dirty bulk, following the idea of the book "the 4h body" in December 2014-february 2015, I went from 52kg in october 2014 to 64kg in april 2015. Then I had a small road acctident hurting my leg and droped bulking and exercise.
      I resumed later on and off.
      In Mai 2017 my weight was 58kg.
    • Rank 2 - Vicious Wolf

      I am aiming at slow bulk. Or body recomposition, but not sure how to pull off the 'body recomposition' or if it's even really feasible. I have just seen a video talking about that it's possible for beginners with low ffmi like me...

    • Rank 2 - Vicious Wolf

      This is the video I was refering to.

      I am less than 2 years training, over 18yo and FFMI below 21, so in this guy's opinion I should do a "body recomposition", which is kinda what all you guys seem to recommend to me, including POB.

      Should You Bulk or Cut First | Solving "SKINNY FAT" - YouTube
    • Rank 2 - Vicious Wolf

      Another interesting video. It states training each mucle group 2 to 3 times a week, each training session containing a total of 40 to 70 reps per muscle group per workout. (source Eric Helms 2015)

      Fractioning throught the day into mini explosive workouts of 2 to 4 sets of different exercise really helps improving my regularity so far. This week I train almost every day. So I am going to continue with that and aim at higher total reps, keeping in mind that it's probably suboptimal as you said compared to doing everything in one session. It's better for my motivation which overall is better long term than trying to tackle a big session and dropping out after a few weeks/month.

    • Rank 2 - Vicious Wolf

      FFMI Ethnic differences

      Figure 1: The relationship between the fat-free mass index (FFMI) and age in male subjects by race/ethnicity based on prediction equations. The vertical line represents the peak FFMI in the mid 20s. The prediction equations for the four ethnic groups were significantly different from each other (P<0.001; Hispanic versus Caucasian P<0.04).

      Figure 1: The relationship between the fat-free mass index (FFMI) and age in male subjects by race/ethnicity based on prediction equations. The vertical line represents the peak FFMI in the mid 20s. The prediction equations for the four ethnic groups were significantly different from each other (P<0.001; Hispanic versus Caucasian P<0.04).…
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