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Business Mastermind group for aspiring Alpha 2.0s

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It's half a year later now and I have worked with some of you guys. What I've noticed over the last few months is that the biggest problem most guys are struggling with is motivation. Many of you showed interest in joining the group but the majority didn't follow through. We're still a small group of 7 people right now.

Today I have skyped with POB and we decided to make some changes to the group in order to get some momentum going on. We want to make sure that the people who join are really committed. So we came up with the following mandatory steps for everyone who wants to join:

1. Read "The Unchained Man"

2. Do the Mission Exercise in the book and come up with a first idea for your business.

3. Show us your mission and goals written down or printed out on a Skype call. We want you to talk about these things. When you talk about your mission and your goals you connect them with your subconscious mind which is an important step to tune yourself into this. Don't underestimate this. If you have doubts about how to find your mission read this:

4. If you're interested don't just reply to this thread. PM me your Skype name and phone number (with international code) after you took the first three steps. I'm not going to respond to people just saying they want to join. 




Many of us want to start a location independent online business but are just starting out.

I am in this situation right now and was wondering about how cool it would be to have some like-minded guys to share our experiences with and help each other out whenever we're stuck.

Coaches (like BD) are awesome but they have their limitations. They have already accomplished so much and on a scale from 1 to 10 they are on level 10 and you are on level 1 or 2. For sure they can tell you what to do, but sometimes if you have a guy who is just one level above you and who has just recently figured out something that you're struggling with right now, he can relate to you better - especially on a psychological level.

And time-wise a coach might not be available all the time, except for when you book a really intense (and expensive) coaching plan where you can contact them whenever you want. But otherwise, you just check in with them once a month or something like that.
So in between each coaching session, you can easily lose momentum and procrastination might creep in. It's like learning a new language. You need frequent exposure to get that momentum going.

This is why I'm looking for 3 to 4 other guys who want to create a small focused business mastermind group with me.

My plan is to have a Skype conference every weekend and create a Whatsapp group to communicate during the week.

I want to purely focus on business stuff (no woman topics - remember, we need to focus) and I am looking for guys who are really determined and serious about this.

If you're interested you shouldn't see this just as fun (even though I know this journey is going to be a lot of fun) but treat it as your job to show up every week for the Skype call and make room for it in your social life. It's about our new businesses and our businesses are our jobs.

So each week we will check in with every member of the group about their progress and each member will have 20 minutes in the hot seat. So you should be willing to make room for a long Skype call up to 2 hours every weekend.

Since it's your own business you don't have a boss regularly checking in with you and setting deadlines so we have to become like each other's bosses for accountability and each other's co-workers for motivation and support.

I want us to become like workout partners but instead of building muscles, we're going to build our businesses!

2018 has just begun and now it's GO TIME! 


EDIT: Some of you guys who have shown interest to join the group didn't reply to the private message I have sent. Everyone of you got a message from me. So from now on, if you're interested send me a PM with your Skype username and/or your phone number so I can add you on Skype and Whatsapp.




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