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Hey guys how are you?Quick question for any fitness aficionados out there.Is it possible to reach or close to the scientific ideal for physique on a vegan diet?Thanks!

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    I think you should take a look around in this subreddit:

    They can also answer any questions you have.

    Vegan fitness • r/veganfitness
    The place to come and discuss vegan fitness, bodybuilding, and health.
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    Yes there are a lot of vegan fitness gurus out there. Beware that they may take some sort of supplements (like any other non-vegan dude)

    r4pt0r link is a good starting point to start investigating.

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    thank you very much!
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    I don't know how useful this is, but it's certainly entertaining to watch this man speak and explain his diet and lifestyle. He's a vegan powerlifter who eats only 1x per day.

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      this video is legit lionheart and at the core of what I'm looking for. Sounds like he's deep on the anti-aging rabbithole. 

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    Not without supplements
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    The scientific ideal for physique? I'm not sure what you mean.

    You can absolutely attain a ripped physique on a vegan diet. For God's sake though, don't fall for the "vegan bodybuilding" or "vegan strongman" cheese. All of those people are on steroids. And they're not on steroids because they're vegan and can't get a good physique because of being vegan, they're on steroids because they pursue unnatural bodies. When you're a vegan it pretty much just means that you have to eat a lot more in quantity than a nonvegan.

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      Right on. I looked into that guy in the video and its speculated that hes on some steroids etc to get his results. At minimum there's something they are not mentioning.

      Scientific Ideal just means a certain waist shoulder ratio, body fat percentage, etc. I think theres one more key number but yea. I appreciate your input. I'm figuring out the most effective diet for me for time, strength/energy, longevity/anti aging. Just need enough to reguarly exercise and and be in position to optimize when my financial baseline is a little stronger.

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    I have seen very conflicting claims about vegan protein, so I think the best course of action is to experiment. Here's my suggestion:

    -If you want an impressive physique you're going to need that gram of dry protein per pound of bodyweight. This is easier to acquire from animal products. Buy food that has clear labels, and make sure the animal protein (I'll get to veg' in a sec) adds up to, say, 180 grams if you weigh 180lbs. That doesn't mean 180g of meat per day, it means 180g of protein: in a simplified example where all your protein is from meat and you're buying meat that has 23g of protein per 100g, you'll need, well, 780g of meat per day. lol.

    -Once you're comfortable with that - and the animal protein 1g/lb baseline is almost certain to work - , THEN you experiment with replacing part of your total with a plant source. eg, substract 100g of salmon from the normal diet (that's about 20g of protein from your diet), and replace it with an amount of soy or quinoa that supposedly contains 20g of complete protein.

    -See if you're still doing well in the gym, and elsewhere in terms of health, well-being, physique, body fat, etc.

    -If nothing bad happens, do another increment and replace another part of your animal protein and see what happens.

    -Repeat the cycle till either something bad happens (so you stop there or even go back to a mostly-animal-protein-diet) or till all your protein is vegetal.

    -It'll get more complicated with "incomplete" protein (do not believe the vegans who claim that "that's a myth, all plant protein is complete": yes, it contains all the essential amino acids, but in very suboptimal amounts; the body can mix and match, but not at will). Do your best with those protein combos (eg rice+beans), they can get tricky. Error margins of 10% are acceptable, don't get blue in the face about your macros and just adjust based on gym results.

    -Mind the "micros" too. You'll probably need some supplements, eg zinc, etc. Googling what minerals tend to be lacking on a vegan diet is easy; find the specific plant products that fix the deficiencies, or just supplement.

    If it works, it doesn't matter if the "theory" behind it is blurry, or that for others it didn't work: you accomplished your goal.

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      Thank you Very much! I'm going to implement this. My meat diet is due by the end of summer.

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