Good Sites?

I’ve been out of the game for a few years. What sites are worth trying?

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  • Rank 1 - Cute Doggie

    My favourite is Tinder, Badoo can be a nice supplement.

  • Rank 5 - Almighty Dragon

    I've been getting good success on OkCupid (what I affectionately call "the cupes") for about three years now. Been consistently getting with all kinds of chicks, all ages, shapes and sizes.

    Tinder is good if you are under 30 and have a cool fb page. Never experimented with Badoo. Avoid POF. Match is only if you want a traditional relationship where you spend money on the chick. If you are really old and rich, seeking arrangement is pretty legit.

  • Rank 5 - Almighty Dragon

    Joel, any tips on answering the ton of questions on OKC?  The ones that help slot you into various "personality types".  I answered a couple, then stopped and checked my matches.  I got about 15-20 matches, including a few cute/hot ones that I bookmarked.  Then I figured there must be more women on OKC in my area (I live between two cities that together w/ the suburbs total almost 8 Million).  So I answered more of the questions and now I get even fewer matches and they're all average or ugly.  None appeal to me.  When I look at my bookmarked girls again, some have high match %, even up to 90%, yet none of them appear in the browse results now.  And I'm not filtering by much:  women age 18-29, within 25 miles of me, and online within the past month.

    • Rank 5 - Almighty Dragon

      I don't think OKC filters users based on match % or questions answered. Are you sure those bookmarked girls were online within the past month and haven't blocked you?

    • Rank 5 - Almighty Dragon

      Leon, yeah, I can usually see some of my bookmarked girls as "online now" yet they still don't show in the browse results. I don't think anyone has blocked me.  I haven't even gotten to the point of sending any openers yet.  I got cold opened by a few girls, but those convos were polite and pretty straightforward.  I'm an A-list subscriber, so I don't think it's a case of a free account vs. subscriber.

      Enough time passed so I was able to clear all the questions so now I haven't answered any of them.  I also set the search to be "online within the last year".  Now I get more matches although many haven't been online in at least 2 months or longer.

      Funny, though, now when I go in, it will usually show ONE new girl in the browse results when I sort by "last online".  All of them have been pretty hot, so I just bookmark the new one each time.  Maybe OKC's algorithms are slowly resetting themselves, who knows LOL.

    • Rank 5 - Almighty Dragon

      I don't think I have the same problem, maybe your account's bugged somehow? Maybe register a new account in the same region and test if you could see more girls than the main acc.

    • Rank 5 - Almighty Dragon

      That's what I am thinking.  I'll have to play around with it this weekend.  

  • Rank 5 - Almighty Dragon

    I sent a note to OKC support and here is what they said, "Going forward, your Search, Discovery, and DoubleTake results will be only people you haven't Liked, Passed, or Messaged.".

    I also think this includes anyone you've Bookmarked because I have many bookmarks and none of those show in the latest browse results either.  Just wanted to pass this along.

    • Rank 5 - Almighty Dragon

      So ppl who you liked, messaged or bookmarked don't get to show in Search? Weird. Must be a recent change, it wasn't that way in the past.

      Thx for updating.

    • Rank 5 - Almighty Dragon

      Yeah, they said it was per a recent update. 

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