Good Sites?

I’ve been out of the game for a few years. What sites are worth trying?

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      >>>What do you attribute your success to?

      >>>Good pics? Good opener or profile?

      Pics of me were taken by friends or skilled amateurs- I’ve never been able to do a good selfie. About 5 pictures, main one  full face, smiling. The others showing me doing something active, or scenic travel shots.

      I read every profile, and usually refer to a common interest we share in my opener. Or say something funny, if it pops into my head. I’ve never tried copy and paste spam openers.

      My profile text is quite long, in point form. Mainly describe myself in an Alpha 2 kinda way - “low drama”, “not jealous”, “been told I have a ‘nice touch’”, etc

      >>>Are you connecting with hot looking women?

      Cute to hot, I would say. I’m lucky - I’m not “picky’ - if she’s got a reasonably cute face and a nice figure, she’s in. I tend to focus on fit, outdoorsy women these days. But I don’t mind a bit of padding...within reason.

      >>>Those are some pretty good numbers.

      Yes, it does seem to be working well, compared to what I’ve read. But I think I’ve done even better in the past. Maybe my profile is gettting stale, or maybe the market has just gotten tougher.

      >>>What area are you hunting in?

      A small metropolitan area in Atlantic Canada, population around 500K. I had similar results when I lived outside of NYC.

      >>>Whats your age and looks? Did you ever do the Photofeeler thing?

      I’m 60, and have always felt that my looks were average - I have a big nose - thanks, Dad!  Although people do tell me I look like Harrison Ford quite often.  Also, I am 5’11, fit (though not muscular), and still have most of my hair. So I probably look pretty good compared to a lot of guys my age.

      Had never heard of Photofeeler - maybe I’ll give it a shot.

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      I've played around with less and more pictures, doesn't seem to make a difference. My main photo tested 97% on photofeeler (me in uniform, doing something at a drill for work). My main secondary photo is 78%. I'm at approximately 12% bodyfat now, and my boss at work is a professional photographer. I'm waiting until I have visible abs, and then we're going to do a shoot.

      I get opened a lot on POF, but hardly ever respond to those women. They tend to be mostly big/desperate seeming women. The same goes for OKC, most of the women that message me first, are women I wouldn't ever consider dating. My response rate on POF is probably under 10%, I get a decent amount of profile views from the openers I send, but not so much as far as responses.

      OKC seems to be substantially higher, especially if there's a mutual match.  If we've both swiped right I get a response probably closer to 50% of the time. Despite the higher numbers I'm still not pulling dates, I'm able to get numbers from some portion of those that answer (and often get crickets when I pitch a meet). Some of the them I'm not actually interested in persuing. I'll match, then banter, then pitch a meet, but then realize distance/creative photography. 

      Tinder/Bumble... I'm not sure my actual match rate, but I tend to only swipe on women I consider more attractive than my current FBs. Bumble I get opened by greater than 50%, and again I don't respond to all of them (from at a glance I thought they were cute, then on further inspection they're chubby or soemthing). Tinder I also have a decent response rate, but some of them are one word answer types. And the same things happen on both of those. I'll pitch a meet and get nothing. More recently it seems that I'll get them off the app and get a phone number, only to never actually meet up. Usually I try to plan something no more then 2 days out, then the day before/of I get a flake message. 

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      Wow 97% that must be some good photos are you are looking pretty good. Of course with 12% body fat that is great.

      How old are you?

      Looks like you are getting a pretty good response, but not closing too many. Have you looked at BD's Online Dating Manual? It is very thorough and may be able to help you turn those prospects into lays.

      I am still trying to get them just to look and respond at all. 

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      Henry, I actually have it (the original not the newer one unfortunately). 

      I just turned 36. Generally I'm only matching VYW on tinder/bumble, and that seems to be very occasionally (that I get a match that's 18-22). As far as 32+ I do open them too, but the ones that are thin and pretty are kind of few and far between it seems. 2 of my most recent lays have been 40+ women that I've met IRL. I haven't really run into anything like BD talks about with the 32+ crowd online, and I figured I could use the date practice if nothing else. 

      While I get a lot of responses and everything, I also get a shit load of flakes/validation seekers too. Like when I pitch a meet nothing, or I get them to the phone try for a meet and then get flaked. 

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      Try with younger girls, 20-25, I think that in that group you will find largest number of girls interested in you.

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    That is interesting. I am getting even fewer responses from the 20 to 25. I am much older than them mid fifties. But I am in good shape look good. Followed BD's manual to a T. And there never seems to be any response.

    Could you please elaborate on your strategy and your success a little. How old are you? What is your tactics? Do you follow BD's manual? Are most of your responses from 20 to 25? What is working and not working?


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