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One of my major goals of this year is to make at least $10000 without going to a job and punching a time clock. I intend to do this in the following ways:

Playing blackjack (by doing advantage playing: counting cards, basic strategy, index strategy, shuffle tracking etc)
Bowling competition
Hits on my blogs (which I have yet to monetize as I have no idea how to monetize it properly haha)
People who buy my book (which I will finish and publish, using this method and this method by July 5th)
Hits on my youtube videos
Selling possessions I do not need
Donations/begging (whether it is people physically giving me money, or electronically doing so via) paypal and patreon
Slight investing, particularly in cryptocurrencies (when they get low enough for me to want to buy some. I'll probably drop some money into the currencies on coinbase sometime in March)

Why only $10000?

I've had a job my whole life and I'm still VERY new to location independent income so I do not want to give myself a panic attack by aiming for $75000 which is what Caleb/Blackdragon suggests. If I did that, I know exactly what I would do and that is get overwhelmed and give up. $10000 is doable, and I'll probably make more than that. Also, I might get a part time job anyways just to get out of the house and not have to be on my laptop all day. Also, some of these forms of income are pretty much nonexistent (for example, my youtube, paypal, blogs, and patreon) and might just be nonexistent for the whole year.

This will not take into account expenses, as I just want to achieve a minimum wage type income ($10000 a year is minimum wage more or less). I already have an itemized list of my expenses anyways and it is not too long. Literally the only debt I have are a credit card I need to pay off, and student loans. Not having a mortgage or a car payment will do that ;)

I will probably update this every 7-10 days or so. By the end of the year, I'd like for at least three of the above items to be a consistent and source of income, like a job would be. I feel like I am getting close to that with freelancing. If lots of people buy my book, then it will probably generate passive income. If I get REAL serious about blackjack, I could definitely make that a consistent source as well. If enough people want to give me money on paypal and patreon, then who knows what that will get me.

For a certain week, I'll announce how much money I made and how I made it. At the end, I'll place how much my year-to-date total is. That being said:

Week of January 10th

Freelancing = $270

YTD earnings = $270

Feel free to ask me questions or talk about how you wish to go about making location independent income. I should have started this journey 5-10 years ago, but I'm glad I'm starting now.

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  • Rank 5 - Almighty Dragon

    I forgot, I'm also providing bowling coaching too as well as competing.

  • Rank 4 - Soaring Eagle


    Interesting topic. I too am looking at alternatives for some income. I quit a good paying job over a year ago to focus on my mission, and it is taking a long time to accomplish some actual revenue. But I am still hopeful. So I have lived for over year without any income.

    One thing that come across my computer yesterday is this system from Christian McQueen called ClickLaunches. It cost $2000 to get into and promises to give you at least a $3000 per month passive income stream. But it looks too good to be true.

    I know Christian McQueen from the pickup world has had some bad press over the years. But I do not know the guy or any real facts about him. 

    What do you guys think? Has anyone ever heard of this? If so do you know anyone who has done this system?

     I would love to hear some insight.

  • Rank 5 - Almighty Dragon
    I have spent the last couple of months working on making money myself.
    I basically had to start from scratch, making a lot of mistakes along the way. A lot of mistakes.
    I got into a bitcoin pool just at the right time, and I cashed out with the other guys, making a small fortune. The only reason I even had bitcoin to begin with was because of trades I had done on the dark net market.

    I have invested most of the money I earned on my main business idea, because I want to retire before 30.

    Most people can't stand it when you make money on non-traditional ways. I don't know why, but it's most likely a combination of jealousy and the fact that it goes against their world view.
    "People need to apply for jobs, work for someone, slave away and climb the ladder like everyone else".
    That's what most people think.
    I tried explaining to my main girl the other day that you have to invest money to earn money, and that made no sense to her.

    I had a plan to talk more about my work in my log, but for obvious reasons, it's best if I keep it to myself as much as possible.

    And when it comes to investing in crypto, you should check out what's popular in the dark net markets. I don't use bitcoin anymore.
    I made some money recently on etherium.
  • Rank 5 - Almighty Dragon

    January 10th - January 17th

    Freelancing = $230 (the same $230 as my last post)
    Blackjack/other gambling = $70
    Selling one of my bowling balls = $30

    YTD earnings = $330

    These are my end-of-week totals. My mom's casino players card had some free play on it, so I got $80 from it (gave her half), then bought in $20 in blackjack, won five hands in a row ($10 per hand), lost two in a row, then left with $50. The same day I sold one of my bowling balls for $30 (even though I only asked for $20).

    I'll probably get paid another $230 from freelancing next week, and possibly more if I have more work to do. I'm about 4000 words into my book (by the time it is all said and done it should be about 50000 at least). By February I need to be at 10000. Apparently youtube is cutting a whole bunch of partners and I'm one of them. Oh well, I was not expecting much anyways. And most youtubers make their money by e-begging anyways (which I'm not too proud to do lol). There are two more bowling balls I want to sell, maybe more. We will see. I should be able to hit the $1000 mark by the end of this month if I'm doing consistent work in freelancing and if I play blackjack properly.

  • Rank 4 - Soaring Eagle

    What kind of freelancing jobs do you do?

    I'm aiming to make $500 a month, I don't need more for now, but I'm clueless on how to start

    • Rank 5 - Almighty Dragon

      I was clueless too. There's a blog post from a guy named Phil Hawksworth in this community who has a good tutorial. I followed it. tbh for freelancing noobs, you have to get lucky which is what happened to me. Once you get some good ratings you'll get hit up for jobs and the jobs you apply to will start responding.

      All the things I do combined, I probably make $300 a month now, but I want to get up to $1000 a month (at least) by May or so.

  • Rank 5 - Almighty Dragon

    January 18-25

    Freelancing = 80
    Bowling related = 40
    YTD earnings = 450

    Next week is should be big. If I bust my ass, freelancing will blow up. Within 48 hours I went from having no real activity on Upwork and all of a sudden I am doing work for four clients. I have a conference call with one of them this afternoon. I should be able to pass the 1000 mark by mid February.

    Because I was client hunting on Upwork so aggressively, I haven't been able to update my book at all. When I start getting all this work coming in, I'll have to take an hour and plan out my week and what I'm gonna do every day. Gotta have a legit routine.

    • Rank 2 - Vicious Wolf

      Woa, that's  freaking awesome amount of money. what's YTD? It seems to be stable and high enough. :o

    • Rank 5 - Almighty Dragon

      YTD = Year To Date earnings.

      At the pace I am going right now, it looks like I'll be making pretty much the same freelancing as I did when I worked my weaksauce retail job, so it is not too impressive...yet lol

  • Rank 2 - Vicious Wolf

    whats your blog link 

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