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One of my major goals of this year is to make at least $10000 without going to a job and punching a time clock. I intend to do this in the following ways:

Playing blackjack (by doing advantage playing: counting cards, basic strategy, index strategy, shuffle tracking etc)
Bowling competition
Hits on my blogs (which I have yet to monetize as I have no idea how to monetize it properly haha)
People who buy my book (which I will finish and publish, using this method and this method by July 5th)
Hits on my youtube videos
Selling possessions I do not need
Donations/begging (whether it is people physically giving me money, or electronically doing so via) paypal and patreon
Slight investing, particularly in cryptocurrencies (when they get low enough for me to want to buy some. I'll probably drop some money into the currencies on coinbase sometime in March)

Why only $10000?

I've had a job my whole life and I'm still VERY new to location independent income so I do not want to give myself a panic attack by aiming for $75000 which is what Caleb/Blackdragon suggests. If I did that, I know exactly what I would do and that is get overwhelmed and give up. $10000 is doable, and I'll probably make more than that. Also, I might get a part time job anyways just to get out of the house and not have to be on my laptop all day. Also, some of these forms of income are pretty much nonexistent (for example, my youtube, paypal, blogs, and patreon) and might just be nonexistent for the whole year.

This will not take into account expenses, as I just want to achieve a minimum wage type income ($10000 a year is minimum wage more or less). I already have an itemized list of my expenses anyways and it is not too long. Literally the only debt I have are a credit card I need to pay off, and student loans. Not having a mortgage or a car payment will do that ;)

I will probably update this every 7-10 days or so. By the end of the year, I'd like for at least three of the above items to be a consistent and source of income, like a job would be. I feel like I am getting close to that with freelancing. If lots of people buy my book, then it will probably generate passive income. If I get REAL serious about blackjack, I could definitely make that a consistent source as well. If enough people want to give me money on paypal and patreon, then who knows what that will get me.

For a certain week, I'll announce how much money I made and how I made it. At the end, I'll place how much my year-to-date total is. That being said:

Week of January 10th

Freelancing = $270

YTD earnings = $270

Feel free to ask me questions or talk about how you wish to go about making location independent income. I should have started this journey 5-10 years ago, but I'm glad I'm starting now.

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    This is gonna be a long one, so get ready.

    Month of July:

    Freelancing = 523

    Year To Date = 3728

    July has been my best month in a long, long time. But it has also been my worst in a way. I am VERY behind on the book I want to write, and one other BIG thing came up.

    I'm beginning to notice now that to me, the biggest "detractors" of the Alpha 2 are two individuals:

    1) Needy GFs
    2) Alpha 1/Dominant chick Family members

    Needy GFs are easy to deal with. Just soft next and you're good. Then find another chick to get with. Boom done easy. But Alpha 1/Dominant chick family members? That's a little different. And in fact, I am very much ready to hard next the last of my family. This demands some background so here it is:

    I decided to move out of the place I was at (A buddy of mine's place, where I was renting a room for $450 per month) so that I could spend some time with my folks and develop the fundamentals of freelance writing. I told both my mother and my stepfather that I would contribute what I could monetarily, but I wanted to spend lots of time learning how to acquire location independent income so there may be inconsistencies. Both of them were cool with it.

    Here's where the detracting comes in. My stepfather has a drinking problem. He doesn't drink all the time, but when he does, its some Jekill and Hyde craziness. The drama level goes from 0 to over 9000 within seconds. And this happens as soon as the alcohol hits his lips. So when he drinks, he decides to belligerently (and sometimes violently) lecture everybody in the room. And he'll do this in the middle of the night, and he'll wake people up to do it. But then when he sobers up, its like nothing happened.

    A couple of months after I moved in, he got real wasted and grabbed my mother. That was strike one. Her and I left for about a week. When we came back, we had a big discussion about it and he stayed off the bottle for a few months. He drank again, and this time he decided to spike my bottle that I use for workouts. That was strike two.

    Strike three came about a week ago, where he belligerently accused me of not being productive (despite me showing him how much money I made, which I admit is not a lot but I gave what I could), and then he did the unthinkable: He put his hands on me. And that wasn't enough. When I told him to get his hands off me, he went for a weapon. In the most calm Alpha 2 demeanor possible, I told him "if using that on me is gonna make you feel better, do it. I won't fight back."

    He backed off (like I knew he would), I packed some things, and I left to stay with another buddy of mine for about a week. That night, I kept getting texts from him challenging me to fight him.

    When I went back there to pack a few more things a day after the altercation, there was my mother, in tears, saying "it really sucks that it has to be this way." To which I respond: "15 years ago, you made the decision to marry this man. So this is kinda on you. If you want to be with a person like that, its fine with me. I'm not your daddy. But I refuse to deal with it."

    Fast forward a couple of days, and my stepfather leaves me a voice message saying "I don't want you to leave, I want you to know you always have a home here. I wasn't myself on Friday night, and I was out of line."

    I come back to the house, announce that I'm moving out (I'm giving myself until Mid-August: I gotta save up money and buy some new tires for my car before I go anywhere), and tell both of them this, again, in a very calm Alpha 2 manner:

    "Because of what happened on Friday night, I don't feel safe in this house anymore. I'm moving back up with my buddy on August 18th. I'll be here for the winter since the weather is better here during the winter, but if what happens on Friday night happens again, then both of you are dead to me. With the life I want to lead, I cannot afford to have people in my life who have substance abuse problems or people in my life who get off on dictating how I should be living. Its very easy for me to go back to a location dependent job, but I'm not going to do that ever again and if I absolutely have to do that, it will not be here. The ball is in your court now. You can choose the life you're living now, or you can choose me. But I will not let you have both."

    I meant every word of that, knowing that I had options anyway. For about five or so years, I have been able to live comfortably where I was at on a minimum wage job, not requesting any help from anyone friend or family once. And now that I have just passed the $500 monthly mark in freelancing (by only "working" about 20 hours per week), I know what the future has in store for me. Replacing my location independent jobs with freelancing is right around the corner, and from then on, the sky is the limit.

    If any of you want to be Alpha 2, then you must be willing to hard next family members. And by the way, this isn't the first time I had to do this. About 9 years ago, when I visited Israel, my uncle wanted me to move out there. I told him that I have no interest in doing so, and he got pretty mad at me. The icing on the cake was when he kept telling me I was a bad person for deciding not to settle down and start a family. That was in 2011 or so. If you want the freedom of being Alpha 2, you MUST be willing to hard next family members who want you to live like they do. If you cannot do this, you cannot be Alpha 2.

    And hard nexting is not easy. I was not able to focus that entire weekend after that altercation took place. Its pretty difficult to focus even now. In 2011 when I decided to hard next my entire father's side of the family, I was depressed for months (I was already really depressed and pretty much suicidal at that point anyways). But like cleaning up a wound, what hurts at the moment is necessary to make things better in the future.

    I wish the best for my mother and stepfather, but if I get violent drama one more time, they truly will be dead to me. Here's hoping the rest of you don't have to deal with the same nonsense.

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      Thats some tough shit sir, but it looks like you are on the right track! stay strong friend!

    • Rank 5 - Almighty Dragon

      I'm kinda used to my family not understanding my lifestyle and my buddies being more supportive than my family anyways, so this is more annoying (and VERY disappointing) to me than anything else.

      I more or less bought them out of my life last year anyways when I signed my late grandmother's house over to them so if I never see them for the rest of my days or theirs I won't be liable for anything. No one understands why I did that but I did it because buying toxic people out of your life is much better long term than keeping them in it. And lord knows they would be in it if I rented the house out (or stayed there and had a roommate pay me rent, which is what I kinda wanted to do).

      In about a decade or so when they're gone (I'm predicting neither will live to see 70 with the poor life decisions they make) I'll probably just sell the house and everything in it or something for a few hundred grand then move to Southeast Asia with the money. That's if they don't sell the house first (which I doubt they will do).

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    Month of August:

    Freelancing = 627

    Bowling competition = 27

    Year to date = 4382

    I made $100 more than I did last month, but I didn't work as much. I moved back in with my homie on the 18th of August, and since then I haven't really "worked" a lot, but I'm still making about as much as I did last month. People can talk all the trash about freelance writing that they want, but it works. You need to put the work in (and admittedly, I've been lazy since I'm still trying to shake off my falling out with my folks) but it is every bit as good as any given entry-level job.

    I visited my former job, just some gas station that I was a keyholder at. The same people are there. It's pathetic. They still hate it there. I have no sympathy for them. Making money online is easy and fun, and anyone can do it. Seeing them was actually inspiring. I am worth SO MUCH more than a location independent job.

    Because of the time off I took, I'm STILL trying to finish my book. Ugh. I'll be done in a few days. I've decided to come up with three versions of it:

    A "standard" version, where I very briefly describe very defining, traumatic moments in my life and detailed information on how to recover from stuff like it based off of epiphanies of mine and stuff I read from a number of sources. It's looking to be right around 80 pages/40000ish words and will cost $7.
    A "deluxe" version that will contain my entire memoirs and detailed information on how to recover from trauma, and a "cliffnotes" version where everything is briefly described, as well as a sneak peek of volume 2 of my memoir, which will cover ages 35-40, MAYBE a very short guide to freelance writing, and maybe some bowling related stuff as I am still looking to take bowling coaching classes (which are pretty cheap). It's probably gonna be well over 100000 words. The deluxe version will be $10.
    A "cliffnotes" version where everything is shortened. I'm planning on that to be about 20 or 30 pages. It will cost $5.

    I want to finish the deluxe version by October 1st, and the cliffnotes version somewhere before then.

    I'm going to try to typeset it myself this way I can make it be a physical book as well as an e-book, I'll self publish it and then promote the hell out of it. I'm not expecting to make a ton of money off of it, but I just want to see if I can pull this off.

    I need to work on my blog which is a branding page for my book. I don't even have an email list set up for it, as I don't know if I'm going to mess the website up if I mess with any of the settings. I'm pretty sure I can just pay someone on fiverr to do that for me.

    With freelancing, I'm hoping to make $800 this month. I think I said this in the beginning of the thread, but my goal is to make $1000 per month freelancing by 2019. If I put a lot of effort into it, I know its possible. And now that I'm not around the environment I was in, I know it's possible.

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    Numbers for September and plans for October coming soon, in a few hours actually...

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    -Month of September 2018-

    Freelancing = 460
    Bowling competitions = 72

    Total for September = 532

    Year to Date = 4914

    While the first half of Septmber was nice, the last half was VERY slow. In terms of freelancing, I had virtually no work lined up until probably a week ago. I need to get information or a consensus as to how many clients on Upwork I should be working with at a time. I usually gravatate around 5-10, but judging from what happened this may not be enough.

    My book has been pushed back AGAIN. Either things keep coming up or I just lose the motivation. A buddy of mine, who promised to do cover art for it is also late on his work too. But I don't care about that since I was falling behind as well.

    I want October 6th to be the release date for the book, but as of now the whole thing is TBA.

    I also want to save up for Caleb's video course, as that will help me A LOT.

    This is very fun and my stress levels have been at their lowest probably ever, but I'm going to need to start dedicating a little more than 4 hours a day into doing this if I want to start doing more expensive gigs on Upwork to reach my $10k goal by January. I do have Top Rated Status on Upwork so that's pretty cool. I kind of want to use other freelancing platforms (textbroker, fiverr) but I have no idea how if they are more profitable or not.

    I think I'm approaching the point where I have all the tools necessary to make $20k+ per year online which is my first "milestone," but whenever I think I have all the answers there's something else I don't know about. It's not as much stressful as it is frustrating. I'll think I have everything figured out and then something else will come up and its just more pieces to the puzzle.

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      With freelancing stuff, I'm just trying to become established. I'm still trying to learn about freelancing in general. As far as other freelancing platforms, its difficult to put the same kind of effort into the other ones as Upwork but I know I should be doing that.

      As far as the niche for my own materials, they will be marketed to sexual assault victims and incels (those incels who are actually interested in improving their lives, anyway) of any gender but with a male focus.

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    -Month of October 2018-

    Freelancing = 273.26

    YTD = 5192.26

    This was NOT a good month for me. The first half was very stressful. Had almost zero freelance work incoming, and struggled for a super long time trying to find upwork clients.

    I got hit by hurricane Michael, but that wasn't too stressful, since I was able to stay with an FB who had power while waiting for my place to get power. That's a reminder to stay on good terms with your FBs. They can come through if you need them just like your male buddies.

    The back half of the month was still a struggle. I nearly ran out of proposals to send to clients on upwork (you get 30 of them per month). By the end of the month things looked up and in a BIG way. I got an ongoing job for a small digital marketing company which is falling right in line of my Alpha 2 business.

    I didn't buy Caleb's course, but I've been reading and watching similar stuff. I have the sales page for my book set up, the book is completely written, I just need to do a few things:

    -Set up email capturing/campaigning software for my blog and sales page
    -Do some basic sales writing for the book
    -Work on three free e-books

    I have two niches that I'm torn between. First is male sexual assault victims (any sex really, but my materials lean towards boys and men like BD's do). I was assaulted in high school so I can definitely present some information on how to recover.

    The second is incels. I had three incel "phases" in my life and can definitely relate to how frustrated and confused they are. I discovered online incel communities about five years ago (I was taking fiction classes in college for fun at the time and wanted ideas for a book) and was like "hmm, I should write about PUAs and incels!" As I was browsing their message boards I got sucked into them, and was like "whoa...I relate almost TOO much to this." I was on the incel boards at the same time as Elliot Rodger was, it was surreal to hear about what he did. Incels are demonized by pretty much everybody, but there have to be a few that want some legitimate help.

    I have a feeling that male sexual assault victims would be much more approachable than incels, but I feel like incels would be better paying customers.

    Either way, my book, Why So Butthurt, is going to drop on November 5th and will be $7. A "Deluxe" edition, which will contain my memoirs up until I turned 35 will be coming out about a week later, on November 13th. Both dates are pretty significant in my life (as the sales page will reveal). Even if I halfass the marketing around it and the presentation, I just need to take this damn plunge and keep my expectations low. The sales page for it will be shared in this thread (If Caleb and the mods let users share and promote sales pages for their stuff on here).

    Check back in on November 5th for the premier of my book! It'll be an e-book for now, but in a couple months I'll do what I can to make it a paperback release. Still need to do the research on how to do this.

    I feel like I want everything about this to be perfect out of the gate. That's how I felt at the beginning of the month when the book was finished. But I had no idea how much was involved in this. Oh well, I gotta take the plunge sometime.

    See you on the 5th!

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    I did a thing. I think ;)

    Why so Butthurt?
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    Month of November:

    Freelancing = 513
    Book sales = 17
    Total = 530
    Year to Date = 5722

    What a month! I had plenty of work to do in freelancing, and clients are beginning to pay me much better rates. There isn't much of a shortage of work either, so if all goes well I might well be able to hit my $1000 per month goal pretty soon. I'm not sure if I'll be able to hit my $10000 goal that I set back in March (I think), but that's alright.

    Shout out to Axel, the very first buyer of my book. In between doing my freelancing work, I've been editing the book and the other books that I intend to sell electronically. For anyone else who wants to learn how to do this, it is not that difficult. Here's what you do:

    1) Write your book. Use whatever software you want. I use Google Docs, but you need to be careful with Google Docs. If your book is too long you won't be able to download it to a pdf file, which is the ideal file to sell online.
    2) Buy some hosting. Use wix, godaddy, hostgator, bluehost, whatever. Go for a plan that lets you create subdomains. With the plan I made on bluehost, I am able to create I believe 8 subdomains under one main domain. All of these subdomains look like actual websites and can function as a "brochure site" I was able to buy my hosting for $300 or so for my main domain (it lasts until 2020), and my subdomains are anywhere from $1 to $15 for a year.
    3) Download wordpress. Use which will give you the proper site building software. Pick a nice looking theme. The really cool looking ones cost money but decent looking free ones are out there. You'll be using this as a brochure and sales page.
    4) Make a paypal account.
    5) Make an account on e-junkie to make an e-catalog. Upload all the downloadable stuff you want to sell on there.
    6) Go back to your brochure page, and make sales pages. Make sure you are good at sales writing. If you don't know how to do this stuff, read the stuff from Neville Medhora, Victor Pride, or Danny Marguiles. They know how to write legit copy. Caleb does too obviously <3
    7) Market like crazy! I'm doing this now! =)

    During December, I'll be listing a few books on The Immortal Individual, my brochure page. I also need to make a mailing list for my blog, which I admit I have no idea how to do. Business model is going to be very similar to Caleb's.

    I have a few goals for 2019, but I'll check in later to announce those.

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