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Valentine's Day handling

Seems to be quiet around here.

How are you guys planning to handle this upcoming Valentine's day? 

I only got one FB / low MLTR at the time. She is remote, seeing her once every 2-4 weeks, very non-needy girl, 8 month long relathionship. 

Not sure I would even text her anything. I might. I'm likely going to see her this weekend though. 

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    If she's a fuck buddy, and you're happy with the way it's going, and you don't want to "upgrade" the relationship, I wouldn't risk rocking the boat by marking Valentine's Day in any way, even with a message. 

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      I updated: she's more like low level MLTR. She never pushed for anything probably because she's 2-3 hours away, never had a boyfriend before (22yo). 

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      Even so, I agree with John – don't touch Valentine's Day with this girl, partly because you seem to be happy with the way things are, and partly because she's a couple of hours away and you (probably) don't want to feel you have to see her more often than you are now anyway. (I don't know this last bit of course, I'm just surmising.)

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    I would just skip over it and never even mention it in your situation.

    Will be more interesting for me, as my low-end mLTR ist starting to get very needy and pushy. She is for sure expecting something for Valentine and I am planning on downgrading her to an FB. That will be fun...

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      Good luck with that. (You might well find that even if she ends things now, or if you do because she is still being needy and push, she is happy to come back as an FB in the future. That's happened to me more than once.)

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    Even with my OLTR, I only sent her a few Heart emoticon on FB, no text no wish, nothing more.

    Valentine's Day is bullshit SP and she needs to know that.

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