What is your experience with nootropics?

I've heard about phenibut and modafinil.I'm more into the natural stuff. I take a Maca and Holy Basil blend for energy, mood and awesomeness (love this stuff), and a chemical herbal blend from LifeSeasons called Anxie-T for stress management support.I've taken Kava Kava, and lots of stuff from Standard Process with okay results.I've heard great stuff about Kratom.------------I guess technically some of these aren't exactly nootropics, but I'm interested in anything that helps manage stress, improves focus and productivity, and boosts mood. Especially naturally.Combined with meditation, working out, eating well, etc. I can see these things helping you bust through life when life wants to bust you.

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  • I apologize for the wall of text. My phone apparently didn't like the nice neat spaces I put it.
  • For energy, focus and productivity I use lipovitan-D, which is basically 1000mg of taurine.

    It works very well for me, not sure if you would consider it "natural stuff" or if it would improve the mood and the awesomeness (for me improving focus, energy and productivity improve my mood and awesomeness as a result).

  • L-theanine is great for a calm, even mental energy for work or social/date situations. Also stacks well to take the edge off caffeine or any stimulant.
    If the reducing or avoiding stress angle is important, ashwagandha is your best bet. Does wonders for stress.
    I also really like Bacopa which evens out serotonin levels and typically boots them or at least avoids the lows--just make sure to take with food with plenty of fat and be aware the first few times may be hard on the stomach until you adapt.

    If you're looking for focus/calm those are three with lots of evidence behind them and the ones I've kept up because the effects are very clear. Insight is a great supplement that contains all of these and some other stuff. Generally, I've found is great for researching this type of stuff.

    While not nootropics, a post workout sauna and/or a few minutes of cold water at the end of showers do wonders for boosting circulation, building resilience and hot/cold/general pain tolerance, and reducing stress.

    Also not a nootropic per se, but MCT Oil and Brain Octane are great for mental energy--they pretty instantly absorb and turn into ketones your brain can use as fuel. They provide a much faster energy source than fats and a way more even one than carbs, so great for use in the AM or between meals.
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    Modafilin: Was not as great as I thought. It was good for physical labor one time I was working loading trucks. Made me feel less tired. But it was not good for intellectual labor (sitting down at a desk and doing things). It made my piss smell bad.

    Phenibut. I liked it A LOT. Made me more relaxed and talkative. The best thing is it actually made my orgasm feel better. It is so good I am actually planing on writing a long post about it here. 

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      I've heard of phenibut and modafinil and interested in trying them since sometimes I have sleeping problems.

      My only concern is it might negatively affect my sleep habit (aka harder to sleep/become dependent) when I don't have it at hand. How do you feel when you don't use phenibut? do you feel normal when suddenly stop taking it, or there's a crash?

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    Kratom combined with maca is simply insane. I take maca daily and kratom only when I have sex with a girl for the first time.

    Kratom puts you in a very relaxed and happy state, you become more talkative (that's why I don't take it on first dates lol, very easy to break the "she talks 80% of the time" rule), 0 anxiety and it also boosts your libido... but the orgasm delaying effects are crazy. You can easily have sex for at least an hour, maybe even two. It's really easy to leave a strong first impression with it :D and it feels amazing

    There are multiple strains available, the red vein ones are my favourite.

    I only take 3-4g of kratom at once which is considered a low dose (5g is normal), but no need to take more. Also it can become addictive so don't take it more than twice a week.

    For productivity boost I simply drink coffee, I drink it only once or twice a week so it has quite a strong effect on me.

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    I take Effexor as antidepressant, but it's for anxiety. Takes it away completely.
    Ritalin for focus and energy.
    Seroquel for amazing sleep and to relax.
    Thinking about starting on Valium or Sobril to take the edge off on extra stressful days.
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    I have just stumbled upon this:

    Great info!
  • I'm trying to be very careful about it.

    I got melatonin and Vitamin D, which I'm not sure even count as nootropics (at the same time, finally getting my sleep schedule the way I want it with minimal effort has produced immediate gains in my focus, energy, and motivation).

    I just got theanine+caffeine (200 and 100 mg, respectively), which is the most frequently recommended and just about the most studied nootropic I know. Energy boost, without jittery anxiety, and with chill focus at the same time.

    Phenibut has also caught my eye, but I'm trying to be careful about that. I'd probably only use 125 mg-ish a couple times a week (my studies have led me to that) at first, and be very cautious about playing around with it more.

    Slate Star Codex has some great stuff on nootropics with some of the best analysis you'll find anywhere. The nootropics reddit has also proved valuable

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